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    My mother has passed away in her sleep.

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    Besides, I'm probably closer to Pagan than I am Christian, if I'm entirely honest. Not really sure. I'll have to look into that some time.

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Death AKA Harry · 11:08am May 12th, 2017

So, I thought about it, and I realized I had no real good reason to keep who Harry is from you lot. So, I will tell you.

His name is Harry James Potter, and he hails from the Harry Potter series, but the version of Harry I swiped for HS:A isn't the canon Harry. Instead, he's a version of Harry who comes from a series of stories that I have personally termed "The Death Series", for the simple fact that they all revolved around Harry being not the Master of Death, but Death itself, even before he got the Deathly Hallows. Time Travel's involved, so it gets headache-inducing to think about, but suffice to say Harry was Death long before he was born.

The summarize, Harry is one of four entities in Existence that are known as the Aspects of Existence, each one important to the survival of all things. Well, I say four, but really there's three. Harry is both the Aspect of Death and the Aspect of Magic. Magic was one he attained within the stories and was not something he was initially meant to be.

The Aspects do not have to "Do" anything but exist. So long as they exist, their aspects will function even without their attention. So long as Harry exists, so too will Magic and Death. Now, you may think Death is bad, but the way the author puts it says most souls can only remain in the mortal realm for roughly 5000 years before madness sets in. Death cleans them of that madness and sends them on to the Afterlife, so death really is a gift in this series.

The following links will take you to the stories, in order of first to most recent, that have been posted. All of them are complete, so enjoy. Also, as a warning, each story is a crossover of some kind.

Potter's Protector - Crossover with Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. It stars Xander and Harry both, so it's obviously gonna be funny. And no, it's not a Slash story. Neither are the others.

M-Day - Any Marvel fan will know this is a crossover with X-Men from teh title alone. Well, it's really a crossover with the Marvel universe as a whole, but X-Men are the main crossover.

Death's Little Brother - Crossover with DC. Mostly Smallville, but the others are there too. And please don't think it's bad just because it's Smallville. the author is really good at this.

Full Circle - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer crossover. A bit darker than the others, but not by a much.

And last, but not least, the author himself; mjimeyg

You don't need to read the stories to understand what will eventually happen in the Hero Souls trilogy, but that doesn't mean they aren't a good read. My personal favorite out of them is Death's Little Brother, because... well... as Hero Souls: Awakening may tell you, I am a Superman fanatic.

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Comments ( 4 )

Hm. Now I need to read hero souls.

well, that was a shocking development *sarcasm* trust me, I must say the Existential Aspects can be a pain in the butt, especially deaths (both the DC / Vertigo one and the huge c*ck tease that is the Marvel one...)

but I must say, Harry as Death, Magic or even Magical death seems... interesting...

4529849 It is. This author is kinda like Tatsurou in his style of writing. Drama is there, but it's not all consuming, or it's played up for laughs. Harry is pretty OP, but he makes mistakes and gets himself in trouble quite easily despite that OPness. I really enjoy the stories, and never get tired of rereading them.

And if you want incentive to read the stories... the first one is kicked off by an adult Xander Harris shooting the troll between the eyes.

4530112 Le Gasp! Xanderop Harris being competent...?

ok, will has to watch

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