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7 Chapters Left · 4:30am May 11th, 2017

To read, that is!
I've been getting a bit into songwriting since I got a taste with the whole Lyra thing. The version on Bandcamp is the same one you'll be hearing on the completed version of chapter 18.

It looks like our dear audiobook narrator has gone AWOL, though, so I'll be picking up the mouse and headphones and taking care of my edits from chapter 9 onward. This should be exciting - I'm a teeny bit rusty with Audacity. Ether Echoes has been having to keep a leash on me regarding sound effects since I started back up again.

Once all the new chapters are finished, I'll finish rereading the first few chapters and see if I can't breathe some new life into them. :)

Right now we're looking at a complete release date of around July-August this year.
It'll be good to have more time indoors once the heat really rolls in up here.

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