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Apolgies... · 11:52pm May 10th, 2017

Okay, I really have to make a apology here. Honestly, this is a hard thing to do for both me and the fans of this story. Thing is, I haven't heard a peep out of Ben007 about his second chapter for the story, and honestly no one else seems to care enough about the story to contribute. Collaboration stories can only work if people contribute chapters. So it's with a heavy heart I'm doing what I hoped to never do with any story. And that is, cancel Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Equestrian Side of things, especially so close after Star Wars Day. I'm sorry everyone, and may the Force be with you... Always.

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Comments ( 5 )

Really? Just like that eh?

Well that's a shame.

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to put on hiatus, leave more time for those interested in, attract more volunteers and put back once enough material is available?

4527968 Well, to be honest when you leave a story on hiatus for a while, views tend to drop, and as the story's been up for months and no one's asked to for a collab chapter aside from a few and they haven't produced anything at all, honestly I think this is the best move.

4528024 Frankly I agree with 4527968 here. Much more beneficial to put on hiatus

Other than Ben007 jumping ship, the other factor is lack of interest in the project.

Maybe instead of telling him to put it on hiatus, how about you ask him if you can write the chapter in Ben007's stead and see how that works out.

I would, but (A) I'm a shit author myself, (B) I have no interest in the project, and (C) even if I was interested and my one story wasn't shit, I just finished a full morning of work, so I'm tired and I have no motivation to write.

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