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    What happened today in Washington, DC is not right.

    The storming of the Capitol building was not right.

    The inciting of violence by our own president was not right.

    If you support it, you are not right.

    To those people, please fuck off; I don't want to entertain your sick, twisted, deluded fantasies.


    Piss off.

    And have a shitty day.


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Bronycon Panel! · 5:31pm May 10th, 2017

So that's one more thing I can cross off of my New Year's Resolutions: I got accepted to host a panel at Bronycon!

The panel itself is titled "Brothers in Arms: How to Write Effective Fight Scenes." I figured that since I write ponies killing each other all the time, I might as well share what I know with the next generation of bloodthirsty savages so they can kill their characters with as much brutality as I do. I'm super excited for August now; I just have to actually buy my con badge and make hotel reservations!

But now that I have a panel, I need to find some fellow writerly types to cohost with, because I'm sure nobody wants to listen to me talk by myself for like 45 minutes. I've got a few people in mind, but if there's anybody else you have in mind who writes really good fight scenes and is going to be at Bronycon, either leave some suggestions here and/or let them know I'm shopping around and to drop me a PM. I'd love to have some different ideas and approaches from different people instead of the panel being only about my ideas and methods when writing.

See you all in August!

Ante Legionem nihil erat, et nihil erit post Legionem

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Ever been in a fight?

4528080 Me myself? Not at all. I'm just good a translating what I picture in my mind onto the page in a way that works and flows through the scene.


4528088 You are. Catch me in discord if you want to interview someone who's been in a fight or three.

I'm sure there's plenty of other folks, too, who've been in various kinds of fights, if you're interested.

Now more than ever am I annoyed that I can't go. CURSE LIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE IN AUSTRALIA!

Comment posted by Zevski deleted May 29th, 2017

Oh, this sounds like a good panel. I'll totes be there. Just, if you see me heckling and throwing peanuts at people, ignore me.

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