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Christmas is coming again, my dear friends.

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Updates · 5:29pm May 10th, 2017

I'll admit, I'm a tad bored. :ajsleepy:

How are you all doing?

With nothing else to add, I'm gonna give you updates on how I'm doing.

First of all, I am doing much better. Particularly from my illness, the only problems are just some coughing and a little bit of... :pinkiesick: stuff in my throat, but that's about it. And its not happening as much which is really good.

Unfortunately I will not be going to Comic-Con this year here in Ottawa, mostly because of poor planning and truth be told, my sister and I went there last year and the only thing we liked there was just shopping for merchandise. Now merchandise is awesome, but when that's the only thing that you go for, what's the point? Not complaining, just speaking logically here.

And also, my sister is here! :yay: Her graduation was really good, and I'm so happy she's gonna live with us for a few months, I missed her company. She is what I look forward to every weekend, because we get to talk and now, I get to see her when I come home from school. :yay:

Now about what's gonna go on this month, I'm still re-adjusting back to school since I missed a few days. And I don't know what that'll mean for production on my work, but I'm gonna do the best that I can. And I need to just keep my focus on the three stories I have up, I can't just throw in a ton of stories and keep people hanging. I've still got Sweet Sweet Smallfoot to update, I've got several projects following in that series I want to do. Including a... you know... mature, related, one...:twilightblush: I'm not weird, don't judge me!

On another note, my classmates and I at our film school are close (I think) to finalizing our short movie. And I don't know what we'll do with it, I don't know if its gonna go on YouTube or not, but if it does, I would like to share it with you guys if you are interested to see it.

And I finally got a name of a program for game recording, so at somepoint I'm gonna find it and try it. Now, here's my question. I did mention a few games I want to try (although some I can't access with my resources), would any of you like to see me play my hand at a Nancy Drew game?

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and may sunshine and rainbows follow you everywhere! :twilightsmile:

Comments ( 3 )

My day is going well i should have another chapter up in a few days I look forward to reading more comments from you and I am glad to read that you are feeling better. Take it slow take it easy and don't push your self too hard. You stories have been very good and I enjoy reading them I look forward as well to reading more from you once you get more chapters out.

A tad nervous. I have a Spanish 3 test on Friday which I am really not looking forward to. :twilightblush:


Short film huh? Sounds interesting.

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