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BronyCon Plans · 3:15pm May 10th, 2017

How's it going folks? I hope you're doing well this fine day, I just wanted to share some stuff with ya.

So BronyCon is coming up in a few months, right after my birthday in July actually so its kinda like a birthday present I'm giving myself. Granted its a month after my birthday, I'm still excited to try and go up to Baltimore with some friends.

I am.. very unfamiliar with Baltimore so chances are I'm not gonna be doing any restaurants or any of that, and I'm gonna be incredibly tight on cash. I mean, I might be making a little money on commissions, and I might be getting about $200 on my birthday for the con, which is both the bus ticket up there and my way into BC itself. Which will cost $80 something each, so... that's roughly around $160 to go up there, plus whatever little i have left for merch... which actually probably won't be much.

Sadly I'm probably not gonna get a lot of stuff, but hey... being able to meet potential fans of my work (pffftyeahrigh) and meet some other awesome authors and artists will be well worth the trip up there! :heart:

So if any of you guys happen to be going up there this year, be sure to be on the lookout for me, come say hello and all that jazz. I'll be easy to find, I'll be wearing a leather jacket, a hockey mask painted with Rainbow's colors and cutie mark, probably wandering around like a lost child in need of an adult. Hehehehe. I shall be giving out hugs to all who want em! :trollestia:

But yeah, BC, whoo!~ Its gonna be great... hopefully, if I can go... anywho.

Stay tuned guys, love you lots :heart:

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Comments ( 9 )

I wish i could go.
I dont have a car or money or directions or anything.

Wait, your birthday is in June? What day?

Wish I could go to BC in Baltimore... But living in europe and being broke doesn't help in any way.

Have fun!

Aww, that blows... maybe next year you can go? Maybe if I ever get the cash next year, plus my car fixed up we can roadtrip to BC :trollestia:

Hmm? Oh, no no no, my birthday is in July, on the 3rd. BC's in August.

Ooo... ouch :fluttercry: I think there're some cons over in Europe somewhere, not sure where though.
But thanks.

4528337 It's fine, have fun!

Oh, okay. I thought the con was July and your birthday in June.

Naw, bday's in July, heheh :trollestia:

I'll try, hehe

Naw, bday's in July, heheh :trollestia:

I'll try, hehe

I was excited for a second me cause mine is in June. It would be funny if we had the same birthday. One of my friends was born on July 12, though.

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