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Brony Mithos

I love,love,love MLP and like to work on my headcannon and RP I mod an MLP forum. :3 Sunset Shimmer, Luna, and Celestia are my favorite ponies too I also like Applejack oh and I live in Oregon.

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  • 281 weeks
    new depression/protest fic

    Following the MLP S7 finale:Shadow Play I will be writing a new one shot called:A wasted Life.

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  • 290 weeks
    To Change a Changeling

    I didn' like the new MLP episode it also showed Starlight is a freaking moron, honestly Trixie should have told her why luring an evil unbeatable monster to a village of weak cowardly pacifists was a bad idea.

    Also Pharanyx changing his form at the end kind of detracted from the episode severely.

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  • 293 weeks
    latest episode

    The latest episode of MLP I didn't care to much for. Also I hated how Starlight was the voice of reason and the lesson TEACHER to Twilight in this recent episode. It for the most part was a Twilight episode with some moments for the other six members but it seemed like Starlight was the voice of reason and teacher of the lesson.

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  • 294 weeks
    Summertime shorts

    I just watched ALL the Equestria Girls Summertime shorts, most were BEFORE the events of the first movie or slightly after. Unfortunately Sunset is not in ANY of them, she isn't even in the background except photos. Also Sci-Twi makes Spike a girlfriend and has pics of Timber all over her lab.

    Its official they are phasing Sunset out.

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  • 295 weeks
    computer issue

    My computers fan has stopped working(Again) and worse yet a giant scarring crack is now on my precious screen. I adore my computer, I love it, for the last 5 years it has been my constant companion.

    This will affect my time online sadly as I cannot type right on it at the moment. Hopefully this should be fixed soon, if not I will let everyone know.

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Glim Glam depression · 9:48pm May 8th, 2017

I have had depression issues in the past, usually MLP is a way for me to find solaice and happiness. Lately thats not the case as Starlight Glimmer seems to just be an anchor around my neck, I feel like she is dragging this show down as all the effort in episodes is in ones focused on her, and she is displacing Twilight as the main character.

I know I'm being a bummer, I know this upsets alot of people but I can't change how I feel. Its like if you go to a resturaunt and a friend gives you something to eat and you don't like it, you tell them you don't but they just shove it down your throat. She is everywhere now:The show, the novels, the comics too, EVEN coming to Equestria girls.

I hate Glim glam and thats just how I feel and it makes me depressed, its depressing that the character you hate the most is the new poster child, it makes you hate them more I think.

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