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Red The Mel

And now I feel overwhelmed, in a home made for someone else... now I feel overwhelmed come with fear, for someone else's tears.

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  • 335 weeks
    2:02 am

    I've come to the realization that I haven't looked at FIM since school got out, and it's almost July. I thought I'd come check in... (my whole adventure in GIF form.. from start to finish)



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  • 338 weeks

    I passed my class E knowledge test for my drivers permit!!!!

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    Happy Un-Birthday to Moi

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    Guess what's happening this week/weekend... take your time I'll wait..
    Not forever though, but I'll wait.

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    A Sad Past Two Days

    After the suicide bombing at Manchester, the U.K. faces another tradegdy. Roger Moore, more commonly known by the name James Bond in his role in the Jame Bond movies, has passed away.
    The very famous actor died in Switzerland today after the quick and short battle of his prostate cancer...

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We need help · 4:32am May 7th, 2017

Good news everypony!
Me and Mocha will be doing a bunch of videos together this upcoming week but we need help!
Our videos will contain of livestreams and normal videos of subjects such as doodles, speed paints, vlogs, me doing Mocha's makeup, Q&As, and more!

We need y'all to submit questions, doodle requests, and speed art requests!

Don't miss out on the fun and your chance to be featured! Both me and Mocha will be collecting questions on both of our most used accounts:

Join the fun! Spread the word! Invite everyone you can think of to participate!

Love y'all so much and hope to see y'all there!

~ Red Out ~

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