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Hiii, everyone!

There are exactly THREE WEEKS LEFT for the contest to finish! We already have our first entry up, which is totes exciting. Also, one of our judges had to back down, so if you're willing to lend your judging skills for the contest, please let me know via PM! Thank youuu!

I'm reposting the contest rules and guidelines under the cut for those of you who need a refresher or whatnot!


The prompt is interwoven colours and all the possibilities that entails.

Some examples could be: Rarity decides that rainbows really could use another colour palette, so Twilight has to stop her from getting Rainbow to do something about that. // Twilight wants to date Rarity but WHAT IF THEY'RE NOT RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER and decides that obviously the fact that their color schemes match so well means it'll probably work. // Rarity's working on a colorful dress and Twilight ruins it somehow.

The prompt can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, but essentially, think either something with colors or something that fits together (seamlessly or not). Feel free to bounce ideas in the comments!

Beyond that, all we care for is that Rarity and Twilight MUST BE the mane characters.

Rules for contest:

1. It cannot be a fiction already uploaded to fimfiction or another site. We desperately want new stuff for this. BE CREATIVE! RARITY WOULD DEMAND IT. DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!

2. The story must be complete by the time the contest has ended, because we all dislike incomplete stories, and no, how dare you, I am not being a hypocrite.

3. Proofreaders are encouraged. The easier your story is to read, the better the reaction from the judges.

4. Try to keep it below ten thousand words or fewer.

5. Please keep it teen rated or lower.

6. When you finish your story, please be sure to post a link to the story HERE, mention the contest in the story description, and please add it to the gorgeous brand-new folder for the contest HERE.

7. The DEADLINE is 11:59 PM EST on Friday the 26th of May 2017.

8. Put your heart into it.

9. Did I steal a lot of this from FOME's contest? You betch your boots, Coco. (I'm sorry, ilu)

And now for THE PRIZES taken from RARITY'S FABULOUS CHEST OF WONDERS that has been CERTIFIED by Princess Twilight Sparkle™...

3rd PRIZE wins a meticulously summoned magical* $10 Amazon gift card. *may not contain any actual magic :twilightsmile:

2nd PRIZE wins a slimming* $15 Amazon gift card. *you already look fabulous, darling :raritystarry:

1st PRIZE wins an AWESOME* $20 Amazon gift card. *Rainbow Dash approved :rainbowkiss:

And finally, THE MONOCHROMATIC MENTION OF HONOR* wins a $5 Amazon Gift card. *whatever makes me squee and/or cry the hardest :yay:


Novel-Idea / Swan Song / Cursori / NebulaNyx / and the TOUGHEST judge if only because she's seen it all...


We will be taking into account basic writing quality, creativity regarding the prompt, but what honestly really matters is that you have fun with it. It'll show.

So, with that said, may the RariLight illuminate your path!

Banner art by Selective-Yellow, and banner design by Novel-Idea.

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Comments ( 28 )

I'll have to drop out of this contest; competing demands of military, work, and school have forced me to put a number of things on the back burner for long enough that I won't be able to finish my story (I've barely started). Cheers to all still going, and if you need an editor, I'm available in about a week and a half.

Oh I didn't know this was a thing :twilightsheepish:
I'll see if I can write something in my spare time over the next few weeks.

Can it be a poem? :raritystarry:


See, this is the real reason I was so psyched for the long deadline. I've basically been swamped with scholarship paperwork until this week, by which time I had completely forgotten about this awesome contest. Of course, now that my memory's been jogged...

cracks knuckles

Things have been busy, but my entry's coming along slow and steady. I should still be ready in time!

This'll be my first try at a Rarilight story, but I have an idea that just might be so crazy it works. It'll probably be a little bumpy but I'm more excited to possibly get some critique from the judges and their thoughts. I'm jumping on this train and it don't have any breaks!


*opens sketchy trenchcoat to reveal paint tool SAI*

You want some cover art for those stories?

YES :pinkiegasp:
(Please don't be an undercover cop)

Awesome! PM me with the details for your story and well talk! :D

Do it fillies.

As with all the contests on Fimfiction, I'll promote this one on my user page in an attempt to get you more contenders.


I appreciate the offer, though I have no way to be able to reimburse you for it.

I am in it for the glory!


Well, as long as it's not any trouble. I would greatly appreciate your generosity.

Ill bring the generosity if you make da magics!

So tell me about your story! Or if you'd rather not spoil everyone send me a PM!

s o o n

I started it, at least! I'm still reasonably confident I can finish it before the deadline.

Well, i'll try my best to get my story into the contest. ( i don't own a computer.) But i'll see what I can do.

I'm entering for sure!;) but if I win I will not be able to accept any prize money for various reasons. In fact, if I win I would like the prize money to be given to the person who is designing my cover art. ;)

I need a proofreader for FUSION please.

Drat, late to the party. I will still try something to further Raritwi/Rarilight's quest for world domination.

Hmm. Maybe the color of their magic....

Is it to late to participate?

Is that your story? I can pre-read it if you want.

Anyone interested in pre-reading/editing my story? Please let me know as soon as possible, I'm desperate for help! :raritydespair:

Yes, please I have it on Google Doc how do I share it.

Aaaaaaah I'm so excited for judging to start on this contest I have read and done cover art for so many stories and I'm so excited for their authors!

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