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Black Moonbow

I luv MLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 376 weeks

    I miss my kitty... ):

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  • 377 weeks

    I am so excited cause someone has already asked me to collab!!!!! SO COOL!!!!! So I dun write like I type so maybe itll be ok???


    Fimfiction.net is SO nice!!

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  • 377 weeks

    Hi everyone I am Black Moonbow (look it up it's really cool!) and I wanna do writing stuff!!! But I'm really scared to try it cause I dun wanna dissapoint anyone, y'know?

    But maybe even if I dun write , I can follow all of thes amazing writers!!! All of you are my inspirations!!!! I luve you all!!!!!

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KITTY!!! · 11:25pm May 4th, 2017

I miss my kitty... ):

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I know something that could help you cope with your loss: there is a video game available for the Playstation 4 called The Last Guardian. I highly suggest you play it (if you have a PS4) because doing so will help you cope over your kitty's loss.

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