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Assassinverse: Shadows In The Moonlight: The Big Idea · 7:31pm May 2nd, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Just thought I'd drop in and share with you what I was thinking for my upcoming project, Assassinverse: Shadows In The Moonlight. First off, let's talk about Ezio and the Brotherhood he's going to be establishing in Equestria during the course of the story. I'll admit I wanted to give Ezio the best of everything, namely the Altair armor. But, then I thought "That might be a bit much," so I decided to give him the second best armor in Assassin's Creed II, so as to have Ezio repair it from time to time, a lesson he learns the hard way eventually. Although, I AM going to have him have all the best weapons from that game though, as well as all the different Hidden Blade designs (my personal favorite is the Poison Blade. Sometimes, just for giggles, I just poke one of those singing bards with it, even though I risk desynchronization, then I just hide among the crowd and watch them go nuts before keeling over. I also punch them in the face from time to time, and other times I just throw money on the ground to get them to back off.) Anyways, as I mentioned before, Ezio will, at some point or another, form his own Brotherhood of Assassins, members of which are as follows:

Mystic Sparkle (through chance)
Spike Sparkle (again, through chance)
Scorpius (Changeling OC.)
Rainbow Dash (joins Ezio out of a desire to "make peace" with Twilight for all those things she said before she died)
Princess Luna (because why not)
Gilda the Griffon
Evening Glory (leaves the Lunar Guard and joins Ezio after she learns just how many under her command are working for the Traditionalists and Templars.)

Also, unlike the past few Assassinverse stories I've done, Ezio will be hunting down those involved with Twilight's murder, the Traditionalists and key Equestrian First members (need names for them people!) and Amadeus Blueblood and his true allies, the Templars one by one, killing those Royal Guards ponies who are on the Traditionalists' payrolls (which consists of over half the Solar Guard and 90% of the Lunar Guard, Evening Glory not among them) along the way. The only exception to this is Ezio's first target, Gladius Stride and the other three Guardsponies who were actually carried out the hit on Twilight, who Ezio faces all at once quite early on in the story. Just how early? You'll see soon enough...

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so i want to make sure i understand something he is repairing the altir armor right?

No, he's repairing the second-best armor that you can buy in the game, which as the same stats as the Altair Armor, but needs to be repaired.

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