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WHOA WHAT 300 SOMETHING · 3:25pm Apr 30th, 2017

Neato. Okay, so now there's over 300 of you following me and my crimes against commas? Wow.

That sure is something...

Anyway, here's some updates and junk. This blog, like all my follower milestone ones, is also an AMA so as long as your questions are in English and follow the, like, three really basic rules that I have for my AMAs then this should be good. I'm also too lazy to link the last AMA so ha.

Updates below and all that.

Favorable Alignment's next chapter (44) should be out soon Expect maybe 7k-ish for this update.

I wrote a short Twilestia thing about the end of the world or something. It isn't really tied with my other stories, but you can totally read it here.

Also, if you do want to read more about my insane continuity, there's a standalone short story about Starlight and Trixie right here.

That's all for now, and thank you!


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Congratulations! :yay:

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