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    Just posted a new chapter of History Reimagined. That means it's Obligatory Not-Dead Post time again. :yay:

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    Back from the dead to bring you another chapter of History Reimagined! Sorry it's been so long. Real life still sucks, plus last semester was crazy busy even before 2020 went completely off the rails and into the dump before getting struck with lightning and catching fire.

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FMF 20: 28 April 2017 · 4:01am Apr 29th, 2017

Hey guys, and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday! Pre-exam week is over for me, which means bad news and good news; bad news is I wasn't able to get much done this week for fanfic. Good news is, starting next week, I'll be able to ramp up the pace. Needless to say, this week and next were/are going to be quite stressful. So what have I been listening to one of my old stress relief songs, namely one Fluttershy's Lullaby. Not the version that's related to the creepypasta, mind you, but the version that's an actual literal lullaby based off Fluttershy's song Hush Now, Quiet Now. This the most popular version I could find was done by PKEmi, who from the looks of things runs a channel that's done a lot of songs for a lot of fandoms, but has dramatically slowed things down in the recent years. Nevertheless, here it is: Fluttershy's Lullaby "The Actual Lullaby."

And yes, it works. I've listened to this as or just before I fall asleep on multiple occasions. Recently, not so much; I've been listening to it more in the daytime/evening. Those of you who've been following my FMF blog for a while might recognize the name AP. (Maybe not. It's been a while. FMF No. 10, to be exact. They're the ones who did those major-to-minor videos.) Anyways, "Fluttershy's Lullaby: The Actual Lullaby" is one of the songs they've put in a minor key, so if you want to go check that out, just click here which will lead you to their channel.

Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover/colab: (priority--high)
Blog with link to the story
          Goal: 10K words
          Progress: 7.0K words
          Remaining chapters: 1

History Lesson Bonus/Cut Content: (priority--medium)
          Projected: ~3-5K words
          Progress: 1.6K words

History Reimagined: (priority--low)
          Goal: very approx. 55-65K words
          Progress: 6.2K words (mostly a rough outline of characters and key events.)
          Projected chapters: approx. 10
          Release date: Fall 2017

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