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  • 24 weeks
    Part Eleven is Up

    Took a nap, over slept. :derpytongue2:


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  • 24 weeks
    Part Eleven Update 2

    Part Eleven will be posted on the 5th at 8:00 P.M.

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  • 25 weeks
    Part Eleven

    I'm taking a few extra days to double edit the next chapter.

    It's a few days off now. This will be the largest chapter yet; so, I cut it in two parts. After I'm done with Eleven and Twelve, I will take a break from writing here to finish a project that needs my complete attention. I will keep you updated monthly. Once that project is done, I will continue posting on this.


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  • 29 weeks
    Part Ten is Posted


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  • 29 weeks
    Part 10 Update

    Part 10 will be a day late.

    I intended to post it at the end of the month, today in fact; however, I'll have to post it tomorrow at 8 P.M. Expect it.


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Good Morning. · 2:01pm Apr 28th, 2017

Well, I've been very busy these past few months and writing has been slow as molasses. Fortunately, school hasn't been so demanding as last semester. Just as well, everything else that demands my attention has been lessening in intensity. So, here I am, writing for the first time in weeks. I can't give a date when Neil Part three will be finished; but, I am working on it.

I hope everyone is having a splendid weekend,

Ferrum Requiem.

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