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Addition to my Human Gadget idea for the sequel to Space Horse. · 12:40am Apr 28th, 2017

I just realized that all the way back in Chapter 1 of Space Horse, I mentioned that Gadget learned her abilities from her parents.


Don't forget, the Equestria that'll serve as the setting for the sequel will be one where the humans from Gen. 1 have coexisted with ponies for hundreds, if not thousands of years, meaning that they'd likely have picked up a few skills here and there from the ponies. :trixieshiftright:

Ay, ay? How about it? It's a pretty obvious workaround to allow for an improved plot, but it'll definitely work! :pinkiehappy:

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just make sure that perspectove gets communicated to the audience repeatedly alobg the whole of the story, lest they forget

4512319 Don't worry, the story'll probably have an introduction of some sort.

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