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Anyone want spoilers for the next iteration of Lab Horse? · 1:53am Apr 26th, 2017

Space Horse is already nearing it's halfway point of completion, and with that I've already begun planning for the next story in the series.

(Though, I still am undecided on the name.)

So, does anyone want some spoilers?

Also, what name would you like?

Choose one, or put your own in the comments!

Equestrian Human - (Literally just reusing the name from Lab/Space Horse, but swapping things around. Sorry if this already spoils a bit of what's to come.)

Human in Equestria - (Reeeeaaaal original here. I'm actually pretty bad at naming things. Most of the names I use in stories for OCs come from random name generators.)

A Reality One Shouldn't Expect - (I feel like this one might be a bit too long compared to the other stories in the series, but I like how it sounds. Kinda.)

Equestria Girl - (Yeeeeeeaaaaah. Definitely didn't blatantly take the name from an actual thing.)

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You are so fast i havent even caught up to Space horse!

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