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Why the Flurry Heart hate? · 9:09am Apr 25th, 2017

I don't really understand it. The poor dear is just a baby.

I'm pretty sure she's going to grow to a very good pony.

Report Bendy · 350 views · #Flurry Heart
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Comments ( 14 )

I Love flurry heart she's so Cute~~

i know right they just don't want another alicorn

Half the headcanons are only Celestia and Luna are born as Alicorns, and the other half of headcanons is no one's born as an Alicorn.

Flurry Heart broke both of those.

My main gripe with Flurry at the beginning was that, like Cadance before her, she was a character created for plot convenience and to sell toys. In "The Crystalling" she was basically just a plot device to give the season opener some kind of conflict (beside the Starlight/Sunburst conflict). And then, she only cameo'd in the rest of Season 6, so we didn't learn anything more about her.

Admittedly, last week's episode was pretty good. Her interactions with Twilight were pretty cute, and though she showed that she is still OP for a foal, she does seem to also be pretty smart for her age.

The problem now is that she will probably always be that age. Like the Cake Twins or the CMC, she will probably never age in this Gen of MLP. However, I still hold out hope for a Gen. 5, or a Gen 4.5 which takes place in the same universe, but a couple of years in the future. The CMC could be the main characters and be teenagers or even adults (i.e. the ages of their sisters in the current show). This could bring back Flurry as a young Princess still trying to figure out how powerful she is, but with the added bonus of dialogue.

4509277 actually, flurry confirmed the alicorns-are-made-not-born-rule, since shes the sole exception to that rule, which made her a big deal in the first place.

4509305 Theres also the possibility, that as alicorn, shell grow up faster that other ponies. They already made her look more similiar to 5 year old sweetie belle, than the cake twins, by giving her irises, isntead of those beady ones. and the cake twins already spoke pinkies name at only 1 month old, so its possible, flurry might actually start to talk within the next few seasons (and you know who her voice actor is)

Not sure if troll...

I dont hate her I think hate still stems from the natural born overpowered alicorn baby (still believe she's gonna destroy the east half of equestria)

I think it's that she is a product of everything the fandom doesn't like about the series. The commercialism, the blatant attempts at being "cute" to sell more toys of her, to the point where it's overdone (gotta admit, her eyes are kinda over-large), that she's only whipped out as plot convenience. Basically, her birth and presence is only there to sell more toys with a heavy-handed cute approach, and regardless of who she is and how she features in the plot, you're gonna have people who hate her for that.

People hate child actors. Babies are the smallest child actors.

Because I hate Princess Cadance, THAT'S WHY!!


Why did you reply to a very old thread?


1: It's the first thing I saw...

2: April 25... June 30 (That's not that old, and besides. People post on my blogs which are even older) it's not a big deal

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