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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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The Stars Align for the Return of our King... · 3:38am Apr 25th, 2017

Is it a coincidence that earlier today the update to my Sombra story fell right in line in the front page feed with TWO other Sombra stories? Tales of our king are rare enough these days, but for such a thing to occur and THEN the wondrous SombraShy tale of Boomstick Mick's (which I have grown so very fond of last year) to update a scant two hours ago, is no coincidence at all.

As with Nightmare Moon, the stars align yet again to aid in your return, my King.

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