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  • 2 weeks
    Quickie Reviews Continued

    Just to prove I'm not dead, I'm gonna provide some quickie reviews! I'll try to do fuller reviews and go a bit more in depth for stuff later in the future if I can simmer down, but for now, have some quick reviews!

    Sixteen Candles

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  • 4 weeks
    November is here!

    Hey everybody, November is finally here!

    As you all probably can guess, I've been slacking off hard, unfortunately. I've felt like real life has been kicking the absolute crap out of me, hence why I am moving slower and slower in terms of making content. I have not stopped making content nor will I ever stop making work on this site because I love you all, and I still got stories to tell.

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  • 4 weeks
    Happy Halloween!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to say Happy Halloween to you all, so if you've got Trick Or Treating to do, I hope you have fun with that, wearing costumes, watching scary movies, etc. I'll admit, I had a Halloween esque story planned for this month, but real life kept rearing it's ugly head, so there's a 100% chance it's going to be late. I still want to work on it, I still want to show you guys that

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  • 7 weeks
    Halloween Discussion Post: Games!

    So since it's the month of spooky, I thought I'd take the time to discuss some horror-esque games that I loved. Some of these will be ones that all of you know, some might be obscure, we don't know. I'd usually put them in a list of top ten favorites, but frankly my brain has died on creating top ten lists, so I'm just gonna give my full honest thoughts on some of these particular picks and why I

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  • 8 weeks

    So October has finally hit us. I'll be honest, I am not at all prepared for this. I was just trying to get into the swing of work in September, I'm not at all ready for the spooky holiday to hit. I welcome it, but I'm still trying to get ready for it. Either way, I hope the rest of you all are excited, we'll binge Halloween movies and episodes of shows, make costumes, go all spoooky, oohhhh...

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Upcoming Reviews · 8:59pm Apr 24th, 2017

Just thought I'd tell you guys, I'm giving you a few poster pictures for films I plan on reviewing later in time. When I have the time to do so. It won't be in the order its shown, but they are a few films I plan to review for you guys.

Some are childhood favorites, some are films that were new and needed to be reviewed... and others just drive me so goddamn crazy that I'm tearing them a new one. If any of you know me well, you'll know which one(s) I'm referring to.

But these will be much later in time, but I wanted to share these with you to tell you what films I've got planned to review at some point. Have a great evening everyone, and for those who are following my Past Awakens fic, there is a new chapter posted for you.

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4508860 I occasionally review movies whenever I've got nothing to post about. Or when something about them is on my mind.

Heck, if you want, I may take a request. But it'll depend on the subject matter, the film, and even the franchise.

Oh, I remember Tomas and the Magic Railroad. I loved that movie as a child.

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