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Sweet Ordeal · 1:02am Apr 24th, 2017

I didn't expect to publish sixty stories on this site when I first joined. I certainly didn't expect this to be my sixtieth. But inspiration struck and had backup from the Time Action Glory Challenge. This resulted.

I promise the next time I hit Submit, it won't be as ridiculous as the last two. For now, enjoy The Unicorn's Frappucino.

Comments ( 5 )

Your 60th posted story, my 1000th on my "RIL - Followed Authors" shelf. :coolphoto::raritycry::yay::ajsleepy:

Oh for the love of... you put Moonlight Raven in it. I thought I'd avoided all this unicorn frappe nonsense. Now I HAVE to read it. :derpytongue2:

Did you actually manage to taste the drink? It was sold out on opening all over my hometown, Atlanta, and Auburn.

Fuck my depression and laziness you beat it to me I've been trying to write a fucking unicorn trap story for two fucking days

The description intrigues me. I might very well make it the first story I've read after my extended hiatus from the site.

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