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22 year old girl from Germany. POTS warrior. TwiDash shipper.

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    Pretty sure most of my followers have noticed by now that I'm almost never here anymore. I've been thinking about revoking all my stories, cause... I don't know, it just feels weird having something out in the open and never checking to see if anyone steals it or something. Maybe I'm just weird. I had already revoked a few the last time I was here, a few months ago.

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    Not quitting the story just very depressed

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    So.. I’ve had a long time EKG on Monday and it showed the quick changes of heart frequency and the tachycardia..

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    Over the last month, my health has gone worse. It started with the usual dizzyness I’ve had all my life reoccurringly. And now I can barely leave my bed without having to hold onto something to keep from fainting.

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    As the title says, I´m on new meds now. Away from simple SSRI anti-depressants, to something for depression, PTSD, sozial anxiety, anxiety attacks and OCD. They have 50mg and until the next appointment I gotta take a half. I am not going into detail as to why. Simply because it´s not something I want to post openly on the internet. (You´re probably gonna hear about it through stories anyways..)

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Hi · 12:35am Apr 23rd, 2017

Just a message on my current behalf.
Right now it's 2 am and I'm hacking my lungs out and blowing tissues slimy and bloody. I'm short, I'm pretty much sick. The worst part is that I really got something against the slightest bit of sniffling. It's driving me insane. So I always grab a tissue the second I hear or feel the tiniest thing in my nose. OCD is a curse.

I just got back from a two week horror trip that should have been a vacation. I won't go into details but one day my dad slammed the door and said he might come back that night, and another day I sat freezing for an hour under a bridge crying.

As for story updates, I am so demotivated, the only thing I would write would be a sick pony story.

This shit started around October/November last year and I'm still (and now even worse) coughing like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kghJ8pND61E&feature=youtu.be

My throat hurts like hell and I can't speak or swallow. Got fever and horrible chills that have me shiver worse than my chihuahua at the vet, coughing and sneezing and lots of fainting. This is what my life has become since yesterday.

Please do not pity me. My mum already did that ten minutes ago when I accidentally woke her with blowing the trumpet tissue.
I hate pity. I can't deal with it. Same with complements. Ask my poor friends.

See ya :rainbowwild: :pinkiesick:

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I'll pray for you, my friend.

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