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Flurry Heart! · 11:07pm Apr 22nd, 2017

(image from: http://imoshie.deviantart.com/)

So, just watching the latest episode and… so sue me, I’m getting a little more respect for Flurry Heart. What I’m liking is all the incidental lessons she’s teaching the audience about reality and literature, even as we’re all reluctant to learn them.

1. Being powerful is meaningless or dangerous without knowledge and wisdom.
How many of us want to just win life’s lottery and never think about what that would realistically do? Truth is, studies show that most lottery winners end up right back where they started or worse after winning. Why, well what would you do if you won the lottery? That’s right, they quit their jobs and blow all their money in a few weeks and end up worse off than before having burned all their bridges in a fit of impotent cocky middle class “rage against the machine”. Flurry has loads of magical power, and it seems she hit life’s lottery in her world… only, all she really does with her magic is make trouble and she certainly doesn’t help herself.
Maybe that’s a reason folks hate her, she’s a parody of what really happens when folks get the fantasy of incredible privilege coupled with no responsibility- they immediately regress. That explains so much, yet it’s something all of us secretly want for ourselves. Pretty infuriating to be reminded.

2. Being born into privilege doesn’t make you evil.
Yes, some people, like Twilight, have to work their way up from the middle class or from absolute poverty in order to get ahead in life, and it’s pretty easy to respect people like that, especially if they used to have it worse than ourselves. Then there are people who have had it good for most of their lives- and we resent the heck out of them and cast them as the world’s villains. No, they generally haven’t done anything worse than the rest of us, they’re just easy targets. Stop judging people by things that don’t matter.
Another reason people probably seethe at her, all our new age philosophies about the “EVILS!” of the rich are now making us have to choose how we look at a freaking baby. We hate that it basically comes down to us calling people born evil. We thought we were beyond that but… nope, apparently not.

3. OP, is a term that is OU.
Actually Flurry is not OP. That’s right, she’s not. She has all kinds of magical power, but no idea how to use it and most likely, as she grows up, it will be an incredible burden for her and those she cares about. She could grow up to be a very powerful and respectable person someday, but really, all you wannabe writing experts, no, actually Flurry is written competently. She has strengths and weaknesses that are relative and give the story a lot to work with. She can be worked with and she can be a hurtle. She even seems to be growing as I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing, she now seems more on the level of a one year old than a new born, including attempting to structure her play and having distinct likes and dislikes. (I think the scene inside the palace where she flies and starts casting spells on purpose, in the Season six premier, was off, just to clarify.)

4. Wanna know what it’s really like to be a prodigy or to have a child prodigy?
Another lesson in envy. Wish you had talent without study- Flurry does and all it does is make problems- sure about that fantasy? Wish your kids had talent before their time… yea, talk to someone who actually has a kid like that, they love em’ to but… ya know, maybe just be content with what you have as long as it’s not an alligator chewing your leg off? I mean if that’s what your problem really is, then go ahead, you can resent the hell out of the rest of us not getting our legs chewed off, can’t fault you for that. (Why yes, I have “not getting my leg chewed off” privilege, and I have to admit, no, I’m not doing anything about it. I’m a terrible person. Judge me!) However, if you’re fairly well off, knock off trying to get what others have or really, remember, all envy really facilitates is driving us apart and fueling resentment.

5. You sure you want to be a single parent?
Yea, I know “stuff happens” but after a while, when over half the children in the US don’t have two parents, “stuff happens” somehow miraculously being true about this generation and not the 1930s… you’re kidding right? We have it worse than folks in the great depression who managed to keep their families together? I don’t think so. Flurry has two parents and she overwhelms them both, imagine what it would be like if she only had 1. This generation doesn’t value two parents anymore it seems, particularly fathers… interesting that we have more development of her relationship with her father than her mother actually, almost like the show staff trying to tell us fathers AREN’T meaningless… well I can hope they’re trying to say that. “You’re condemning single motherhood!” You ever try to take care of a baby all by yourself? I would imagine any single mother eventually would condemn it too! And yea, I know, sometimes dad takes off, sometimes he was a monster, but sometimes, mom didn’t try like she should have. Interesting that if I were saying this to a man who drove his wife off by not paying attention to her, I would be applauded, but for saying it to women who practically nag their husbands into an early grave, I’m told how sexist and insensitive I’m being. (If he didn’t abuse you and you still split, yes, I hold you partially responsible, deal with it, it's called being an adult. The day I throw up my hands in defeat and don't hold women responsible for their decisions, like the rest of the world doesn't, will be the day I also give up on respecting them as equals. He or she who doesn't hold you accountable for your own actions, sees you as a child.) Again, I get there are times things don’t work out, but I doubt that’s happening more now than before. I’m sorry but, a far as keeping families together, we as a society, have stopped trying… that’s actually kinda sad.
I think another reason we hate Flurry might be, many of us envy that perfect family. Her mom and dad are both there, they get along, they stick by each other even when things are hard and they don’t always have to agree in order to not be at each other’s throats… I even had two parents and I envy Flurry now that my mother has passed on. Dumb alicorn doesn’t know how good she has it!

6. You want to know what prejudice really is?
Okay all you haters, name one thing about Flurry you don’t like, that doesn’t connect to circumstances of her birth. You want to understand racism, sexism and class warfare? Look in the mirror. I know I’ve had to at times.

I think the staff are getting better at figuring out how to integrate her, but really it’s hard to say. She’s not a regular but in this recent episode, her being a baby was more a feature than her out of nowhere power and I’m guessing it brought people around a bit.
If anyone’s wondering, I give the latest episode, “A Flurry of Emotions” 3 superweapons killed by a freaking baby cry, whose destruction was put on said baby instead of commenting on how stupid it is not to have a fail safe if your plan A is that weak:

out of five. It was pretty decent, but ya know, Flurry is OP.

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