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Episode Review - S7E3 Flurry of Emotions · 7:43pm Apr 22nd, 2017

Later to the party thanks to morning shift at work, let's get to it!

I'm not one to get all coo and aw at babies. Mostly I subscribe to George Carlin's school of thought - "First thing you gotta realize about children - they're not all cute. In fact if you look closely many of them are rather unpleasant looking. And a lot of them don't smell too good, either."

But... that is one damn cute kid Shiny and Cadance had. I also love the obvious subtext that they're unloading her on Twilight for some peace and quiet. I just have to imagine the VAs for the two are having a blast, after playing them straight and bland for so many seasons, now they get to play the stressed parents. Really it's a rather unique role the two have found for themselves in the series; no other recurring character really has to deal with the stresses of parenthood. I mean, yeah, surrogate parent relationships can be seen in things like Twilight and Celestia, but this is different.

"If she gets fussy, just give her the whammy and she'll be fine."
- This season is a goldmine of quotes.

I also love the irony of Twilight shirking her duties to sick foals to play with her little niece.

Nice touch with the peas in the silhouette of Twilight and Spike on the wall.

"Pony Latin." Ancient Equestrian script confirmed. :pinkiehappy:

Eeeew, yeah, Cheerilee has to use chalk with her mouth.

G1 references FTW!

Yeah, cute episode, not much else to say.

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Comments ( 6 )
Author Interviewer

Did you notice that when Flurry's wings are folded, they're as large as her entire body? c.c

I just wish they'd called anything but "Pony Latin." HAven't seen a bunt that big since the writers were asked to name Fluttershy's parents.

But yeah, fun episode.

What was the G1 reference. I must have missed it!

4506484 Gusty and Grogar.

4506168 Sounds like she has the opposite problem of Scootaloo. Chances are her big wings will be a problem for her later in life.

Author Interviewer

Story idea: An older Flurry Heart trades wings with Scootaloo (because alicorn magic). Oddly, I can only see both of them being happy with the outcome. :B

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