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Flurry of Emotions, various thoughts · 6:09pm Apr 22nd, 2017

Just a little episode of fluff, some Twilight in the spotlight, and character interaction. With no delay~

—Past Twilight would have a mental breakdown with how late she ended up running to the hospital visit. She really has been growing as a pony, and though her handling of her responsibility as a princess and as an aunt simultaneously isn't exactly ideal, it makes sense when she's still as much of an overachiever who wants to please everyone she can. I appreciate her being back for this again just seeing some lovely interaction between her and her niece. :3
—Dealing with little Flurry Heart is still a bit of a challenge, it seems, given how Shining and Cadance look and how desperate they are to deposit her off. (That being said, she and Twi are adorbs together.) I suppose even with Sunburst's help, she is still a ball of energy.
—"Is this art, or a mistake?" Everything is art, Shining Armour. Life has many doors.
Parasprites are sold in the toy stores! I wonder how that idea happened. On that note, I wonder how old those ponies between babies and the Crusaders' ages are supposed to be.
—Lyra and "Bon Bon" in the toy store! Wait a moment.... Wait a moment... (Speculation on the content in their relationship resumes)
—They seem to be going with ponies using their mouths this time. Poor Cheerilee, that must suck. Maybe the sort of telekinesis we occasionally see isn't something everypony is capable of?
—Pinkie could become a superhero, I'm sure.
—Flurry seems really intelligent for as young as she is. And obviously more developed considering how she looks compared to the Cake siblings. Poor Flurry, trying to help. Flurry also has to be the ultimate saviour of all ponykind with how she's able to levitate so many things at once and over an extended period of time, and teleport over and over.
—Another previous generation villain? Given what we know about fiction in Equestria...
—And for next time, I'd like an episode featuring Flurry and Discord. <3

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And the picks from this week's soundtrack, from babies with love

This one almost sounds like a cross-examination theme.

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