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A Flurry of Emotions review · 4:17pm Apr 22nd, 2017

When I first heard about this episode I was very skeptical. Could Flurry Heart truly be in a good episode? Or at least an okay one?
I assumed the worst for this episode. Once I watched it I realized that I probably shouldn't take an episode for granted based on its premise.
In other words, this episode was... actually good.
Okay, it isn't exactly great, but it was definitely a better episode than I expected. Twilight had a busy schedule and couldn't exactly keep up with Flurry Heart, especially since she just wanted to play. So far, I'm getting the feeling that Flurry might be an early bloomer in the cognitive department (which is a little shocking).
Spike was entertaining, which I'm also noticing a bit more this season. I even liked how it cuts back to Cadence and Shining Armor a few times. This was a surprisingly funny and adorable episode... not great, just good. 7/10 Good

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Pretty much my thoughts exactly. I feel this episode does a lot of little things right, like treating Spike with respect, giving the b-story time to develop, etc. It's not fantastic, but it has a core consistency to it.

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