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Love is like a box of chocolates. The more you want it, the more it depletes until its all gone.

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Holy shhhhiiiiirt maaaaan~ · 4:15pm Apr 20th, 2017

Its Goddamn 4/20..... If I was still in my old high school the whole school would be high today. Thats not even a joke! Last year the hallways reeked of weed! Soon enough the teacher are gonna sneek some herbs into the school and students will be the ones catching them in the bathroom stalls. Or maybe they'll have a bake sale with weed brownies. What a school day that would be..... Jeez.... What even is life anymore.... :facehoof:

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Fuck. drugs And the others shit have not their place in school.:facehoof:

4503800 Yep... Kids be wild mofos.

Well, as a Dutchman, Weed is legal to get here.:rainbowlaugh:

Plus it can be enjoyable on occasion.:twilightsheepish:

4503896 I understand that weed is enjoyable. Hell, my mom told me "its a plant that came from da Earf" and she's done some puffin' before. But I don't feel ready nor do I really want to smoke ANYTHING.

4503963 Hehehe. Nobody makes you do so, Sis.:twilightsmile:

The thought of a whole hallway smelling like that is pretty common here actually.:rainbowlaugh:

4503969 One of my friends said it smelled like skunk poop today. All I come say was.... Ew... :pinkiesick:

To be honest, if I didn't promise my mom and myself that I wouldn't smoke anything, I'd ask my mom for hit around the same time my grandma passed. Thats one of the reasons she smoked it. I couldn't used some too.

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