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A little lopsided in the temporal lobe: a telltale sign of a crippling mare addiction.

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  • 4 weeks

    Xenorphica is a little 1,000 word story I wrote for a couple of reasons. But I guess what matters most is that it's only 1,000 words, and it's about Princess Celestia. You should definitely...

    Go check it out! Oh, and happy Hearth's Warming!

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  • 12 weeks

    I hope you're doing well. I'm still here, alive. Don't be alone this Nightmare Night: be with good company.

    I've placed a story below.


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  • 29 weeks
    Long live pony. Be well.

    I wish everything good for you. Be well, be positive, be creative.

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  • 42 weeks
    Bushkeeper Post-Mortem: It's never too late to drop by.

    If you've read Bushkeeper, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

    Upfront: This blog contains my personal post-epilogue world-building for Bushkeeper. It is contained in the quote a little ways below.

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  • 59 weeks
    Odd's Oubliette: Otherwise Obsolete Oddities

    First of all, holiday greetings, and all the best!

    Now introducing my own personal oubliette: an anthology containing bits and pieces of my pony antics. If you liked anything I've written that's got a human tag on it, then you'll probably like a few of the things I'll be posting on it in the future!

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The White Duchess · 10:13am Apr 20th, 2017

Written in the insomniac hours of 1-3 AM over the course of two school nights, I present to all of you a new story.

Go check it out!

I should really stop making new stories and finish the ones I have...

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