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Some Days, You Just Need a Win! · 5:15am Apr 20th, 2017

And some days you get them too!

I'm utterly thrilled to announce that The Cycle of Flame has won the Rainbow Dash award in EFNW Scribblefest 2017! :rainbowkiss:

To win in this category, the story had to be 200% cooler than all the rest, and Novel-Idea’s piece swept this category with all 6 finalists voting for it. It was a tough decision, but his ability to write action, turmoil, and involve a side of Philomena that we don’t see in the show made for an amazing piece of fiction. Way to be awesome, Novel-Idea!

Woohoo! Seriously. I desperately needed this win for personal reasons. Needed a victory and I got it! :pinkiehappy:

But not only that, Ebon Quill, my favorite lead editor and a damn fine author took the Twilight Sparkle award after a brutal battle with Slouching Toward Canterlot! :twilightsmile:

Twilight was a tough fight, and it got down to the wire in the end between the final four stories! Excellent job, Ebon Quill, writing a story that showed you did the research and made sure everything was picture perfect! Just like Twilight herself would love!

In other news, next week, I'm going to start publishing my Follow-Up to MrNumbers's The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon. So, go read that so you can enjoy this new romp through a whole new world!

Plus, if you haven't already, you are hereby required to go check out Monochromatic's Interwoven Colours story contest and submit your brilliance for the chance at wealth and glory!

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Congrats! :pinkiehappy:

And some days, you just need a happy dancing bacon-horse. Congrats on having both, and thanks for sharing the joy.

Grate! And bacon horse. Win-win!

Wait, wait, I'm confused.

There are days when you don't need a dancing bacon-horse?

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