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Synthetic Soul

Everything I do is mediocre. Anything good that I do, I do on accident.

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    I made a thing

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  • 221 weeks

    Sorry I haven't updated in a little while, I'm in the home stretch of my final term at college. Once that's done, I hope to be able to update more frequently. I didn't have any time during spring break, because I actually went to LA during that week to learn about the animation and illustration fields, so I was pretty busy. But don't worry, I still want to update my stories, and I will once I

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  • 272 weeks
    Update (Twitch Streams, Deviant art, story updates)

    Hey fellow human beings, I'm just taking a moment to let you know, that I've started Twitch Streaming. I've put out a blog like this years ago, but I couldn't figure out the bugs, but now I've got everything fixed. If you want to watch me play games, and be an asshole then here: https://www.twitch.tv/crackerhumps

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  • 296 weeks
    Looking for female voice actors

    Hello all, as the title says, I am looking for female voice actors. I am doing a comic dub for YouTube and Vidme, and I need actor(s) for two roles. I am willing to pay $10 to each voice actor over PayPal or something. If you're interested, PM me. Thanks for your time!

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  • 320 weeks
    MLP Animated Music video is done

    The music video I've been working on for a while is done. Tell me what you think!

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MLP Animated Music video is done · 1:58am Apr 18th, 2017

The music video I've been working on for a while is done. Tell me what you think!

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this is so amazing.

Thanks! It definitely took a while

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