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Soundtracks · 3:42pm Apr 17th, 2017

Two things.

1. I was rereading Hero Souls: Awakening when I noticed the link for The Color of Friendship took you to a dead video. I had intended to move the link to a non-dead video, and realized Youtube appears to be cracking down on the VividRed Operation Soundtrack. That means I have to either remove the track from my story since it can't be viewed, or add a different song. I have a few ideas, but I'm curious...

What do you guys think would fit for that scene? I'll leave the link so you have a reference point to when the song should start. Please try to stick to instrumental songs, as it's my experience that trying to read while someone's screaming in your ear is a tad difficult.

2. Does anyone even care that there are soundtracks to my stories? I add them because I think they're a cool way to pad the scene, but I know some people view the addition of soundtracks as an author's inability to properly novelize a scene. I just like making the stories seem more anime-ish.

If you want, I'll stop using the few soundtracks I post, but only if I get a rather significant vote to do so, at least 3/4ths of the votes saying to stop it. Voting ends by the next chapter posting, so a few days at least.

Comments ( 3 )

I personally am not against having soundtrack in the fanfiction, since your story is super heroes crossover. But you should not put too many and too often of it, since you should focus on how to express your story via letters not soundtrack. Plus, finding fitting soundtrack for your story may be harder than you think and it will inevitably cut down your writing time.

I say save the soundtracks for the vey important stuff. It can get a little distracting but it does help in the more important scenes.

I'd agree with those that say save the sound tracks for the REALLY important stuff. As was said before, it can be a little too distracting and it can be too hard to find appropriate soundtracks, but it CAN help with the more important scenes.

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