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  • 189 weeks
    new story in the making

    I'm writing a new story based on a few pics by Arareroll. This is what I've got so far. Warning: will contain Pony on Human femdom etc.


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  • 212 weeks
    But wait, there's more!

    After much thought, I have decided to continue my story: A Winter wonderland.

    I don't know if I'll add more chapters*, or make a separate story as of yet. But I do have a few ideas as to the plot of those chapters. I even have titles in mind.

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  • 216 weeks
    My next story

    Today i finished my story “A Winter wonderland” at a short 18k + words.
    I’m going to try and make my next story a lot longer than that and return to a more dialogue centred format, as most people didn’t seem to like the format I used last time.

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  • 217 weeks
    It's my Birthday!

    Well it will be on Thursday! As a gift, I'll try and have the next chapter of A Winter wonderland out on the day itself!

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  • 221 weeks
    Writing the next chapter this afternoon/evening!

    I already have the next chapter written out in my head (and some of the next too! Normal service has been resumed.

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No comments? · 2:42am Apr 17th, 2017

Why do so few people actually comment? I have 12 thumbs up and six down on my latest story, and beyond that, I don't know what people think of it. Please, please comment on stories!

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Easter weekend. It's in my to-read pile, but I'll try to remember to comment when I do. :twilightsmile:

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Same here, I added it into Read-Later shelf, and wait until there are at least 5 chapters made, since they're so short in words (less than 2k words each).
Then I'll read 'em all at once!

I should have 2 more chapters done within a week or two, so I hope that you'll enjoy it when you read them.

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