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FMF 18: 14 April 2017 · 4:01am Apr 15th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday! My professors at my university this week all got together, I think, and decided they were going to mutually screw me over. Three papers of varying sizes, two tests, and a project (and a partridge in a pear tree). If I'm being completely honest, the stress is getting to me pretty hard as the semester is wrapping up. I may or may not have gotten the two test dates mixed up and studied for the wrong one first, resulting in a particularly bad grade. That was Tuesday. Now, I'm a perfectionist, and stuff like that really doesn't sit well with me. That test was what I dwelt on the whole rest of the week. With everything else I had going on, you can imagine the stress I've been under. When I trip up academically, I rarely trip over just one thing. Oh no. I go all out and trip over everything! If I'm making an MLP correlation, I was about as low as Twilight was in the middle of the Season 3 finale. :raritycry::fluttercry::ajsleepy::pinkiesad2:

The last time I featured Caleb Hyles was back in FMF 5, wherein I featured his cover of Pinkie's Smile song. This time, it's the extended version of "I Have to Find a Way." As you can tell, Caleb has a diverse range of vocal talent, covering upbeat and somber songs with equal impact. The instrumentals in the video are provided by one of Caleb's friends who goes by Dusk. From what it looks like, Dusk does pony music from time to time, but doesn't specialize in it, similar to Caleb.

With my schedule being what it is/was this past week, I wasn't able to be as productive as I would like to have been on fandom projects, but don't worry; they're still coming. Just slower than I had anticipated.

Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover/colab: (priority--high)
Blog with link to the story
          Goal: 10K words
          Progress: 5.7K words
          Remaining chapters: 1

History Lesson Bonus/Cut Content: (priority--medium)
          Projected: ~3-5K words
          Progress: 1.6K words

History Reimagined: (priority--low)
          Goal: very approx. 55-65K words
          Progress: 4.5K words (mostly a rough outline of characters and key events.)
          Projected chapters: approx. 10
          Release date: Fall 2017

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