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Just a pegasister who's a huge fangirl on the inside. She follows back and would love to be your friend! (Avatar found at http://swa-oku.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Fan-Art-Samovar-Teatime-360787743)

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Click bait · 6:46pm Apr 14th, 2017

Don't click!

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you don't tell me what to do :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

With a desktop, I can just click the scroll bar and drag it all the way down. :ajsmug:

1) Sparkletop does have a little interest in Japanese culture and wanted to learn the language, but she was too afraid to admit it because she didn't
‘T want to labeled as a weeaboo. Her mom already thinks she’s one.


And all other in his series.


3.] https://app.grammarly.com/

5) Sparkletop will never admit who her first crush was to her friends, no matter how close they are with her. Her crush was this short, skinny boy who had glasses and pimples on his face, and was also kind of a nerd. She had no idea what she was thinking at that time, but no matter how hard she denied it, her feelings only got stronger. Sparkletop is afraid of what her friends might think in her type of boys.

I find that ironic considering that as far as I can tell, that is the exact opposite of what most girls would have an interest in.

6) Sparkletop doesn’t like things that unsymmetrical or uneven. She dislikes the number nine the most, since it’s only just one number away from ten, and she really likes numbers that end with a zero. Why did you think this was six questions?

You and Death the kid have something in common.


all of that scrolling for nota

Thank Celestia I already aced finger scrolling. When things are super long, sometimes you just need to go read the comments or something. :twilightsheepish:

What's fudge about me?

4500093 That's just the word I use in place of the actual curse word.

Context as to why you used it though?

4501394 I thought the click bait would be long enough so no one scrolls down, but then I realized people can just drag the scroll bar down so I took off the last part at the end, but you already found it.

Thank you for clarifying.

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