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Things Bronies Say: Part Two · 3:01pm Apr 14th, 2017

Things Bronies Say: Part Two

Here is part two of my Things Bronies Say series. I hope you will like it. You can find part one here.


1. Sunset Shimmer is literally the worst villain in the whole MLP franchise and she was reformed too quickly. I hope that she won't appear in any more movies after this one!

*One movie later.*

Sunset Shimmer is the best character ever! And she's my new wifu. So the other Bronies better back off because she is mine!

2. Brony One: Season six was boring. I only had like twenty favorite episodes out of twenty six so it was definitely a bad season.

Brony Two: But that is pretty much all of the episodes...

Brony One: But it's not ALL of them. So it was definitely bad. Yep.

Brony Two: *Shakes head and silently wonders about some members of the fandom.*

3. Non-Brony: I watch all of the episodes, collect all of the merchandise, and am registered on every pony site but I'm not a Brony. Nope. I'm just a casual fan.

Brony: But the other day I just saw you giving someone a bro hoof so...

Non-Brony: That was just a casual fist bump. I would never do the bro hoof thing as I am definitely NOT a Brony.

Brony: But I saw you at the Brony convention last week and-

Non-Brony: Oh I was just there because I went with some friends. I would never go to a Brony convention myself as I am definitely NOT a part of the fandom in any way.

Brony: *Sighs and shakes head wondering when the 'Non-Brony' will finally admit that they are a totally obsessed fan.*

4. I am only on FIM Fiction because I like hanging out with my friends. I would never actually watch the show or anything.

*Makes a blog with nothing but pictures of ponies in seductive poses. Then posts a new pony fan fiction.*

5. *Sees a picture of Luna drawn with the wrong colors. Is immediately triggered.*

Brony One Writes: Excuse me Deviant Art artist. Luna is not white. She has dark bluish skin and a dark blue mane and tail. You drew her with a bright yellow and orange mane and tail. Furthermore, her cutie mark doesn't have any stars. It is just a moon. Kindly fix this.

Artist's response: Oh that isn't Luna. It's the daughter or Luna and Celestia that they created with the Elements of Harmony since they couldn't have kids of their own.

*Is so triggered that they are literally shaking.*

Brony One Writes: That's even WORSE!! I demand that you change this immediately!!

*Artist blocks them*

Brony One: You might think you have defeated me. But I am going to request you change this abomination of nature with my alternate account!

*Laughs evilly and proceeds to make a similar comment under an alt account.*

6. Brony One: Discord is the best character. I only watch the episodes with Discord because I don't like the other ones.

Brony Two: Then how do you know what is going on from season to season?

Brony One: Okay, so I might kind of pay attention to the episodes with the other characters. But I REALLY pay attention to the episodes with Discord. You know what I mean?

Brony Two: Eh...I guess so. *Secretly has no idea what the first Brony is talking about.*

7. Gasp! Someone stole my OC! I am going to use my best weapon of defense; internet gossip!

*Goes on Twitter.*

Types: This artist steals OCs. Don't support their work. And report their account if it happens to you.

*Grins evilly.*

That will teach you!

8. I am going to cosplay as an armored pony version of Twilight Sparkle holding a giant sword to show off my mad cosplaying skills. The convention is going to be in two months so I should have plenty of time to finish it.

*Two months later.*

*Grabs a pair of Twilight Sparkle ears and sticks them on their head.*

I ran out of time to make a cosplay. But that's okay. I can always show of my mad cosplaying skills at the next Brony Con!

9. I am going to draw beautiful, custom pony art for people and charge fair prices. This art degree will finally come in handy!

*Two months later.*

All they ever ask me to draw is porn of one of the main characters of the show with their OCs and they only pay me in Deviant Art points. Whelp, I guess it's back to school for me.

10. I'm wearing my pink pony-tastic shirt because ponies are awesome and so is the color pink. And only the toughest of people wear the color pink. So I am totally wearing this shirt in public!

*Two minutes later.*

On second thought, I'm going to wear this shirt with a very subtle MLP logo on the back that you kind of have to squint to see. Because only the toughest of people wear shirts with very small printed logos on the back of them!

Well there you have it. That was part two. Stay tuned for part three which I should be putting up in my blog when I get around to it.

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Comments ( 31 )

Pfffffff... ha!

4496031 I am glad that it could make you smile. XD

This is pretty funny, and pretty accurate.

4496046 Yay! I am happy that you found it to be entertaining. XD

Well, your blogs and threads are some of the more entertaining I've come across.

The last one is something I actually would do.

I'm Brony 2 in the second one xD

4496062 Awww thank you. I am glad that you think so. :)

4496084 The one about the shirt? Would you wear all pink or just a tiny logo? :rainbowkiss:

4496097 You mean the one who shakes their head at the logic of some fans? :p

4496102 Tiny logo. Pink doesn't look good on me. Purple, though...

4496107 Purple is an awesome color. :)

You're welcome. And keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

4496108 I know the feels. :applecry:

4496110 I will do my best. :)

I am Brony Number 1, Sunset's backstory as Celestia's student would have made a better recipe for an Anti-Hero, not a third rate High School bully with a serious case of needs a spanking while covered in olive oil, wearing noting but stockings and a thong.

I mean....

Yeah she's awesome!

She is the best Hero that actually gets into the grit of science! I mean the actual experiments!

I mean boobs in a leather jacket!

(23232323 Drunk posing is the best.) 23232323

4496161 I agree. I think that Sunset Shimmer could have been introduced better in the first movie. But that being said, I still love her. :)

4496271 All right, enough horsing around. But really though, instead of having her be a villain trying to steal the Element of Magic, it would have been better to just have her be one of the teachers (If we are talking about the years between her disappearance that is.)

Another Idea would be to have her come back to Equestria and tell Twilight to her face that Celestia is just using her, Then Twilight follows and the whole adventure would take place in a Hopi Indian Archaeological Site in the U.S.

Then it basically becomes a point for Celestia to pull them both back into Equestria and talk with Twilight and Sunset, tell them both what is really happening.

Then Sunset goes back to Earth out of her own free will, and smashes the portal herself.

Makes me wonder if we are the only ones sane.

4496276 Those would definitely be interesting ways of introducing Sunset Shimmer's character. :)

4496508 We are all delightfully weird in our own unique ways. :rainbowkiss:

4499091 I am happy that you liked it. :)


Thank you for making it Lyra :)

4499775 You are very welcome. :rainbowkiss:

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