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Uncle Smiles

Been getting a weird vibe lately. Disease, dispair and distrust. A sinister cloud of looming uncertainty.

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  • 3 weeks
    Good news for once yay

    ExoDemonGSo me and my buddy wrote a whole new thing. Something we've been wanting to do for some time and we were finally able to do it.

    We hope you all enjoy

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  • 10 weeks
    News Regarding Firestarter.

    To put it simply, I'm going to put it on hold as throughout the time I've think of more chapters but I'm a little burnt out on it so I decided to focus on other ideas I've been getting as of late.

    I'm not abandoning it by any means. Just taking a break

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  • 20 weeks
    Wanting try Rust on ps4

    Anyone here owns ps4 and Rust? I just bought the game and so far it's not great. Killed for the smallest reason. Hell just after writing this some asshats invaded the house I've been building for the past two hours. Why? Cause my existence offended them.

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  • 34 weeks
    To all fellow Wastelanders

    It's been a few days since my last blog post... or a week. I can't track time anymore. Ive managed to somewhat cheer up, still bummed and depressed but in a less "I hate my life" kind a way. Anyway, I've gotten into Fallout 76 on the ol' Ps4. If any of you are interested in some dumb Fallout exploring. Let me know and I'll put up my PsN name.

    Casual Players are welcomed.

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  • 34 weeks
    News regarding... well, me.

    I'm not going to beat around the bush. My lack of not posting is due to the fact that I'm extremely depressed.

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Excited, me? Yes · 1:29pm Apr 14th, 2017

I'm currently sitting in front of my PS4, hyped for an upcoming rerelease of my all-time favorite video game series, Jak & Daxter and with it, their spin-off Jak X: Combat Racing.

Yes, they're coming back! And I can't wait to waste more of my life in Jak X like before! I fucking love that game and the trilogy. I mean for God's sake, I was screaming like a fan girl when I first heard the news of their upcoming rerelease.

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Forgot about my ps4, left it on to charge my controller
Thanks for that

4495979 Okay? *He says unable to tell if that was sarcasm*

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