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Things Bronies Say: Part One · 2:33pm Apr 13th, 2017

Things Bronies Say: Part One

Here is part one of Things Bronies Say. I am thinking of making this a series of sorts. I hope you enjoy the first part.


1. They better not have Starlight Glimmer in season six or I'm going to stop watching the show!

*One season later.*

They better not have Starlight Glimmer in season seven or I am leaving the fandom for good this time!!

2. Brony One: There is no MLP after Lauren Faust stopped working on the show!

Brony Two: But there are seven seasons now and a movie is about to come out...

Brony One: There IS no MLP after season two. *Right eye starts twitching.*

Brony Two: Well...okay then...*Backs away slowly and looks for the nearest exit to escape through.*

3. I don't collect the MLP dolls. They are too girly.

*Two seconds later.*

Oh my gosh guys, I found a Pop vinyl action figure at Hastings Entertainment so I picked up twelve!

4. Brony One: Fluttershy is the best waifu!

Brony Two: No, Twilight is the best waifu!

Brony Three: You uncultured swines. Octavia is obviously the best waifu!

Brony Four: You guys are WAY to mainstream. Ember the dragon is obviously the best waifu!

Brony One: Oh yeah...Ember.

Brony Two: I know where to find some good Ember porn.

Brony Three: Send me the link so I can do some uh research.

Brony Four: Ohhh yeah. Ember is still the best.

5. Let's see. I am filling out this job application. What should I put as my hobbies? Hmmm.

I know!

Enjoys watching television shows that have action, adventure, and good morals and critiquing them on YouTube in order to bring culture and sophistication to an otherwise dying YouTube citric community.

*Hands the application in.*

Nailed it!

6. I am going to write the best fan fiction in the world and everyone is going to love it!

*Two downvotes later.*

Obviously no one in the brony fandom can understand the depth or creativity of my writing. I'm joining the Steven Universe fandom! See you later suckers! You'll regret downvoting me.

*Twelve upvotes later.*

Ignore that last blog guys. I was obviously just kidding about the whole leaving the fandom thing. Stick around because I will be writing more pony fan fiction soon!

7. Brony One: So I'm just going to create my OC in the Pony Creator and...

Brony Two: Noooo! Don't make your OC in that!!

Brony One: But why? I mean it is a good way of coming up with a design for what I want my OC to look like, so-

Brony Two: Only noobs use the Pony Creator. If you use it you'll be labeled as a noob!

Brony One: But the really big members of the brony community like Fire Brand, Brony Reactors, and others used the pony creator as bases for their characters.

Brony Two: Wh...wh...what??? Everything I know is a lie! *Gets in a fetal position and rocks back and forth.*

Brony One: Um...so I am going to go the pony creator now. Bye...

*Runs off to make their OC.*

8. Brony One: Red and black OCs are way too edgy.

Brony Two: No, Alicorn OCs are edgy.

Brony Three: Guys, the edgiest OCs are obviously rock OCs. Like Tom the Rock.

Brony One: Um...Tom isn't an OC. He actually appeared in the show.

Brony Three: No. He's an OC. I don't remember what episode he was in.

Brony Two: He was in that two part episode with Discord.

Brony Three: Well I didn't see that episode. And I know the guy who writes Tom fan fictions. So I know he is an OC.

Brony One and Brony Two: *Groan and slap their hands on their foreheads.*

9. I'm a grown adult who likes colorful ponies. And if you don't like it, I will meme you into oblivion.

*Proceeds to out meme everyone on 4 Chan and Reddit.*

That's right. Taste the Rainbow Magic mother fudgers!

10. Brony One: My little pony, my little pony, ah ah ahhh..

Brony Two: Um...what are you doing?

Brony One: N-nothing. You didn't hear anything. Nope.

Brony Two: It kind of sounded like you were singing the MLP theme song.

Brony One: So? What if I was?

Brony Two: Then...that's totally awesome! I want to sing it too!

Brony One and Brony Two: My Little Pony! I used to wonder what friendship could beee! My Little Pony! Until you all shared its magic with meee!

Well there you have it. That was part one. Stay tuned for part two which I should be putting up in my blog when I get around to it.

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Comments ( 79 )

The accuracy of these statements disturb me.

4494934 Well it is meant to be accurate. And funny. :p

4494936 I know. I was trying to pull a stupid reference that I forgot what it was meant to be about. Lol.

That is very accurate. Well done.

4494943 Yay! I am happy that you think so. :rainbowkiss:

And those guys are wrong; everyone knows that Luna is best waifu.

4494949 Luna is pretty cool. I also like Celestia. :rainbowkiss:


Brony Two: It kind of sounded like you were signing the MLP theme song.


4494963 Oh thank you for catching that. I will fix it.

4494965 Or you were using Sign language

4494966 That could work. But in this case it should be singing so I fixed it. :p

Looking forward to part 2!

4494980 Hurray! I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. XD

Here's one:

Brony One: Man, that zombie episode was so cool.

Brony Two: What? How can you say that? It was literally trash.

Brony One: Well, it was just so funny how they di—

Brony Two: No. It's a shit episode.

Brony One: Awesome episode!

Brony Two: Shit Episode




Brony One and Brony Two: *both immediately whip out their phones and play Clash Royale.*

4494988 I could see that happening as well. :rainbowlaugh:


I have another one...

Brony One: I'm going to write pony fanfiction!
Brony Two: Why?
Brony One: Uh, because?
Brony Two: Because why?
Brony One: Because I want to, okay?
Brony Two: Okay then...

Brony One: My little pony...
*Non-Brony enters the room and stares silently at the Brony... starts to slowly and nervously back away trying to get awy from all this girl stuff...*

Brony One: Mom... Dad... we have something important to tell you...
Brony Two: We're bronies.
*The parents stare at them silently, Dad faints, Mom stares silently, a friend is in the room and speaks up*
Non-Brony: What's a Brony?

Brony One: I'm going to BronyCon!
Brony Two: Why? So you can dress up?
Brony One: Uh, maybe?

Brony One: Okay, who's best princess?
Brony Two: Twilight, duh.
Brony Three: NO! It's obviously Celestia!
Brony Four: What about Starlight? I mean they're going to turn her into one soon, right?
Every Brony: Shut up! And also, no!
Brony Five: I like Cadence...
*every other brony stares at him silently, Brony 6 starts laughing*
Brony One: What's up with you?
Brony Two: Yeah, what he said.
Brony Six: The best princess is Luna, everyone knows that.
Brony One: Okay then, why?
Brony Six: *smiles at them* Because she can control dreams... and if you disagree with her... she will find you... and she will end you in your sleep... so... sweet dreams...
*Every Brony stares at him silently in fear, then they gulp nervously and nod agreeing with him because they really want their sleep*

4494993 Those are good ones too. :rainbowlaugh:

(feel free to edit it if you want to use them!)


Vegeta: How are you doing, Sunbutt?
Celestia: I dare you to call me "Sunbutt" one more time
(leans close)
Vegeta: Sunbu--

4494996 Maybe I can have a guest corner/ guest edition where I put the things people write in the comment section. :)

4495002 Someone should make that into a fan fiction. :rainbowlaugh:

That sounds like a great idea!

I want to see that as a fanfiction... what happened to Vegeta after she blew him away?
Did it require using the Dragon Balls?

I agree with brony two on that.

True, very true.

The movie will be ruined if Flash Sentry appears!

And this is very likely to happen. :ajsleepy:

4495098 Celestia using the Dragon Balls would be interesting. :rainbowkiss:

4495114 I kind of feel sorry for Flash Sentry since he was pretty much dumped by Sci Twi. :p

4495138 I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. XD

Who knows? Maybe in the upcomming specials, he gets along with Sunset and they become lovers again.

4495154 I actually think that Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer would make a good couple. :)

Agree. :twilightsmile:

Nappa: Vegeta, what's the scouter say about the friendship levels?
Vegeta: It's over 9000!!!!!

4495195 That is something that I could see the scouter say for sure. :rainbowlaugh:

And they would try to reform Frieza somehow, right Vegeta?
Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?

4495211 I don't think they could reform Cell though. They would have to send him to hang out with Tirek in Tartarus. :derpytongue2:

I dearly hope they can reform the Ginyu Force (well, the TFS version at least)


In my case though.

*Watches the show, because he liked the Powerpuff Girls and likes cartoons in general.* I frankly don't get what is the controversy behind all of this, this is great!

I wonder if there is any fanart.

*One Internetz Later*

Sweet f&*king Aristotle! I wonder if there any fanfics?

*Finds FIMfiction, finds so much crap*

It burns!!!!!

*Finds 'Whom The Princess Would Destroy, and Fallout: Equestria*


*Finds "A Puppet to her Fame", cries like a bitch.*


*Reads his Hellboy Comics to feel better, and then reads the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.*

That's it!

*Makes OC.*

Wait this sucks.

*Makes another OC.*


*Makes Iconic OC.*

All right!

*Makes some Fanfics.*

4495237 They probably could. :rainbowkiss:

4495369 I've liked MLP since generation one. XD

But a friend of mine told me to watch the new MLP because it was like generations one and 1.5. So I started watching the show.

4495517 I am happy that you think so. XD

First, we were talking about bronies, and now we're talking about DBZ...

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