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A Thestral mare who enjoys reading amazing stories almost as much as she enjoys writing them. Come on over to Luna's night and see just what you've all been missing in your sun-lit days.

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My Books are Complete!!! · 3:17am Apr 12th, 2017

Hurray!! Pony Dragon Riders and Night Mare's Guard are done!!! You know that this calls for? A party!!

*Whoosh sound followed by a small cloud of dust* You called?

Yipe!! *Shakes fist at pink party pony from precarious perch in rafters* Pinkie!! How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!

Only thirteen times, although if you count this one I guess that makes fourteen. So what's this I hear about a party?

*Slowly climbs down from rafters* *Sigh* Whatever. Anyway, I need two dozen streamers, two metric tons of cider and as many diabetes-inducing confections you can get your hooves on.

*tilts head in confusion* What's diabetes?

*facepalms* Apparently something you are completely immune to. Anyway, about the cider,

Do you want me to get some of AJ's super duper fun-time cider?

If that means it has enough alcohol to make Rainbow sing old flight school cadences at the top of her lungs, then yes.

Rightio!! Be right back!! *Vanishes in puff of dust*

Anyways, as I was saying, hope all you guys like the books as they are, but be sure to keep a look out for

I'm back!!

Gah!! Pinkie, did I just say not to do that?! *sigh* As I was saying.... Keep an eye out for my newest book. It should be out by the end of the week, so long as the powers that be don't find something out of place, and if I can get my bucking brain to get in gear. Anyways, hope to see you all inside one of my books. This is Shadow Quill,

And Pinkie Pie!!

And we'll see you all next chapter.

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