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Harumanis · 2:18am Apr 11th, 2017

Harum Manis is a type of mango cultivars that is widely planted at Indonesia and Malaysia, especially Perlis. It was called Harum Manis as it each means fragrant and sweet in Indonesian. The normal price of this mango usually cost RM50 to RM60 ( 11.27 to 13.52 USD ). Harum Manis mangoes are exported from Indonesia to Japan and a few other Southeast Asian countries, but very on a very limited scale. The Indonesian mango variety thrives in humid, tropical environments where some other cultivars fail to. Harum Manis mangoes are also grown on the island of Java, in the eastern part of the island to a more limited degree. In Malaysia, they are solely grown at the state of Perlis, Malaysia as the state takes exclusive ownership on the Harum Manis mango.

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4492622 This mango is exclusive only to Southeast and East Asia. I've tasted it. Very superb.

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