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Something I sometimes don't understand · 1:23am Apr 11th, 2017

Why do people like war games so much?

Like, FPS-style shoot-em'-up kinda games? Or those "Game or War" ads and the ripoffs of that game and the ripoffs of those ripoffs all rolling ads everywhere?


Also, why does Comcast hate people's guts?

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Its a source of mindless stress relief.

4491784 For me, mindless stress relief can range from passively building whatever, to scrolling endlessly through wikipedia, to watching youtube, to building cannons in minecraft, to nuking all of existence, to writing horse words.

I find that modern fps games are the same game with a new coat of paint, like the Rock Band/Guitar Hero games.


Yeah, but not everyone's wired the same way. The method of mindless web searching, for some, doesn't relieve stress in the same way that senseless action does. There is something cathartic about taking something crafted by our hands and then just watching it get torn apart.

4491792 Now that I can see. Ever seen a poorly made (sad) ripoff of Angry Birds at a McDonalds? Well, don't forget that Angry Birds was essentially putting a fresh coat of birds and pigs on top of the ideas that Crush the Castle originally made.

I like wartime games, like medal of honor and battlefield one cause I feel like I learned something and felt how the people in wartime felt... so for intellectual and emotional purposes

Depends on the war game, now whenever i see a world of tanks or world of warships ad, i get angry: you see, those 2 games (including world of planes) are ripoffs of a game i enjoy and respect: Warthunder, its better, it has rea out-of-the-book history, and its SUPER accurate, and fun
but when it comes to the kind of game you referring to, irdk, overwatch, call of duty, halo, fallout, etc., I REALLY DONT KNOW XD

4491787 i do the same thing... but i do one more thing plus: i build something in minecraft, all big and beautiful, i show it to my family, then... i activate the tnt inside it, right in front of my family, then i start to laugh my head off with a evil laugh that my mom hates XD

I'm an Overwatch and Titanfall 2 player. I like them because they challenge me. I constantly have to re-strategize, plan my next two steps, react to my surroundings, keep an eye on my stats, focus on the objective, and always try to top my last try. I find this enjoyable.

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