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This show is so bad · 1:55am Apr 10th, 2017

I don't hate it but I just can't watch it. The jokes have some wit well just barely to be honest. I don't know what it is exactly that makes it so unbearable. It's like cardboard. I can't even get through five minutes.

I want to be nice but it's just horrible.

~Hail Minty

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This is real...... :pinkiesick:

The jokes themselves have potential just are horribly executed. It tries so hard to be witty and take jabs at society but fails miserably.

Yeah just from the looks alone...

and Fox approved this pile of trash. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what Fox considers 'entertainment'. i swear, they are run by racist bigots. *looks at Fox News* they aren't even hiding it at this point.

Trust me it's not good.

Well actually it openly bashes both the far left and the far right. However it does bash the left more so yes there is biased sadly.

Like I said before the concept and the message has potential but it's so poorly written and executed it's just God awful.

I honestly don't really like any media source. So I don't know if Fox is racist.

4490498 if you heard of Fox News, you'd be agreeing.

I know just as a new source

4490531 either way: shit show from shit network. modern Family Guy is as bad as this.

Hola Bud!!!

I kinda saw it as a sort of ruse to lower our expectations for when god (Seth MacFarlane) graces us with his baby Jesus (family guy/American dad/ Ted)

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