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Just your average everyday guy, and despite being on here since 2012, I have yet to upload anything significant. Go figure.

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Why I suck at ponyfics, and confessions. · 2:10am Oct 2nd, 2012

The thing is, I don't usually do Ponyfics. They tend to be more difficult to me because of the words they'd use and the personalities. I'd write fics about other things usually. I used to have dozons on Fanfiction.net, but they all got crapped on by haters, then I got into an argument with one of the managers and they banned me on that email. Thats some crap. Then I lost all my fics. Oh well, life goes on, right? I'm busy working on a story right now along with daily problems to focus on fanfics. I'll probably write another ponyfic in the future, but not now, to frustrated with life. Plus, I just can't get their personality down the way I want to. Quite frankly, I kept getting confused with AJ and RD at one point. Such is life, I suppose, life goes on. I'm not even well-known here anyways so why would it matter that much? Besides, when the time calls for it, I'll make a ponyfic, maybe I'll do a crossover with other franchises like I wanted to do in the first place. Who knows, maybe I'll get inspired. What do y'all think? Should I continue, or keep going? I know it should be up to me, but I would like to review your opinion before I make mine. Remember this: Hater or not, you all are still my friends. And I respect y'all as much as you respect me, if not more. SO, once again, thank you.

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Keep at it bro! I'll be here to read it! Some people only have a stict view of how it should be. I'm a bit more open to out of character stories than most, but hey don't be discouraged.:pinkiesmile:

Keep going. I can tell you right now, I honestly think I suck at writing pony fiction. But that is why I write, so I can get better at doing it. Even if I wasn't good, I just enjoy writing. So my advice to you is just do what you can and enjoy what you do. Nothing more nor less. :ajsmug:

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