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Damaskus Seraph

My favorite things are Good fanfics, Roman Empire, Historical Warfare, Tactics, And Dragons. Ya cant forget the dragons!

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  • 73 weeks
    Name and PFP change

    For a while ive been going by a differnet name on all my other social media accounts so ive decided id finally change this one as well.
    Formerly Vesperion, Now Damascus (Yes like the city i know)

    Also got my new pfp comissioned a week ago as well. I love it.

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  • 83 weeks
    100th follower

    Hey guys thanks for 100 followers. I know i havent been very active lately besides that oneshot i posted. So thanks for sticking with me.

    1 comments · 117 views
  • 84 weeks
    New Oneshot Story

    Hey i just posted a new oneshot story. Just had the idea for a while and thought 'might as well write it down'. Enjoy.

    0 comments · 112 views
  • 105 weeks
    New Short story

    Hey guys i got a new short story. Its only gonna be a bout a single battle. Unless it gets realy popular then i might make a backstory for it.


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  • 130 weeks
    Story Vote

    Vote in the comments whethere i should edit the story 'Rise of a Roman Empire' to make it make more sense.

    Vote yes or no IN BOLD OR CAPS, and if you want, a reason why. Thanks.


    Due to majority vote, i will not be changin the story and continue with what i have. Thanks for your support, i hope those who voted yes can still enjoy it.

    19 comments · 378 views

Equestria and blade Groups · 6:19am Apr 8th, 2017

So ive been looking for some groups to post the story on to get more poeple to see it, do any of you know any group this story would fit in nicely with? if so, please leave a comment with the name or link to it please so i can post it there.

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