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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Idea I had for the Power Ponies · 4:43am Apr 6th, 2017

Well, anyone that's followed me, read my stuff, and found me on Social Media most likely knows that I'm a huge comic book geek. DC Comics (Before the DCnU nonsense), Marvel, Darkhorse, Devil's Due Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, and countless other companies I love to follow and read their works. So... It occurred to me that I could do a Power Ponies story similar to The Killing Joke in which the Mane-iac would be doing the Joker's role. She's perfect for it anyway. And I even have what I consider to be one of the best scenes reading. Here it is... Of course they would be ANthro, but that's just how I role.

*****Abandoned Carnival*****

The Mane-iac grumbled as she tossed the hand dryer. Well, it looked like one. Mistress Marevelous neared her, seeing that gel Radiance came up with actually worked. The Mane-iac's mane was limp, her magic powered hair dryer was empty, and it looked like she was just waiting.

"Celestia damn it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, do it! Beat the living Tartarus out of me and send me back to the Asylum. Get the standing ovation from the countless number of your fans."

She looked at the defeated villain, "No, Ah'm doing this by the book. Ah'm doing this right. Ya tried to prove that anypony, anypony would crack, that they would go insane, but it didn't happen that way. The commissioner mare didn't loose her mind, and Ah'm gonna prove that the right way works."

She stretched her hand out to the Mane-iac. The villainess looked at her, uncertain of what the hero was trying to do.

"It ain't gotta be this way. If'n it keeps going this way... Either yer gonna kill us Power Ponies, or we're gonna kill ya. Ah don't want that. Let me help ya. Let me fix things between us, reform ya."

The Mane-iac sighed and rose to her feet on her own. She looked away from the masked hero, "Sorry, but no. It's too late for me."

Mistress Marevelous watched her as stepped away.

"This entire thing does remind me of a joke though," the Mane-iac laughed, "You see there was these two ponies are in an Asylum, and one day they decide that they don't like there anymore. So, they decide to leave. They make it up to the roof, and they can see that across a narrow gap is rooftops as far as the eye can see all of the way to freedom.

So, the first pony, well she backs up, takes off, and clears the gap with ease. She lands safely on the other side, but the other pony, he's afraid of heights, and he's scared that he won't make it.

The first pony shouts at him, 'Hay, I got this flash light! I'll turn it on, and you can walk across the beam to safety!'

The second pony looks at her like she's nuts.

'What do you think I am? Crazy?! You'll just turn it off when I'm halfway across!'"

The Mane-iac giggled, but to her surprise Mistress Marevelous began to laugh with her. She put her hands on the Villainess' shoulders as she laughed at the joke, or rather as she understood what the Mane-iac was telling her. She understood what she meant, and for the first time she realized how true her words were.

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