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    I haven't watched the show in literal years. I'd bet some of you can say that too.

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What do you think of this? · 12:54am Apr 6th, 2017

The alarm clock, small as it was, rang like it was a foghorn right into his ear. His hand fumbled arorund in the dark of his bedoom, until he placed one finger over the snooze button. Satisdfied with taking 5 more minutes, he grabbed a pillow and pulled it over his head, ignoring the stench of cheap beer on the edges of the pillow cover.

He took a moment to slightly open his eyes. From the dim light provided by the dawning sun through the closed blinds, he scanned his room in a half conscious haze. His desk remained as disorderly as ever, various piles of papers and books never shelved laying on top of the main table, along with whatever item he didn’t need to immediately place somewhere else. This included pizza boxes and Chinese take-out, which spilled some leftover contents onto the other parts of the desk and the surrounding area. One box had even slid off somehow, falling next to the charge where his home phone would be.

The box had knocked the phone off its charger base, and the little red light flashing meant it would need to be charged real soon or it would completely die.

The alarm rang again. Discord opened his bloodshot eyes and groaned.

Report Kuairu · 109 views · #teasers
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Comments ( 3 )

Hmm... sounds interesting. I'm getting a "morning-after Fluttercord" vibe from this. :trixieshiftright:

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