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300 Followers. · 11:38pm Apr 5th, 2017


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! 300 Followers!?!?!? This is so awesome!!! To celebrate, I'd like you all to ask me any question you want, and I mean ANY question! NSFW questions and answered will be blurred and at the bottom half. Please, PM me them. I'll answer them via another blog.

To answer Two in One question(s): How did I get into Fanfiction? And MLP Fanfiction?

Well, I kinda got into Fanfiction when I was about 10 years old. And by Kinda, I mean that my first Fanfic wasn't posted to any fanfiction website or forum, but kept on my old computer when everyone kept using Microsoft word instead of Google Docs. Yeah, feel old now? Anyways, my first Fanfic, if you could call it, was around my famous MMORPG that I LOVED played when it was around (and shut down a few years later), City of Heroes/Villains. These games.

Yeah, it was around my hero, Lightning Blast, I believe. To make it short, it was a yellow, electric using techno-path with a darkside, which I will say, "Wow, I was an Edgelord!?". Yeah, there were no chapters, but it was written like a journal... a really badly written journal, looking back at it now. It jumped fast and far. Of course, I didn't really have an account, just 2 2 week trials that limited the experience, so I couldn't experience the game entirely, my trials ended right around Level 15, and I couldn't see everything. But, I loved it.

For MLP, I was kinda tempted when I joined, as my friend made an account here and posted 2 of his fics. You can check them out now; he's madgamer1228, but he's quit. If you're wondering, his 2 fics are one where it's his and my OC helping the Mane 6 after the Season 2 finale, and the other is an anthology of whatever came to mine. But, never mind about him, let's get back to me!

I began during the hiatus after the Season 4 finale. As many of you can tell, my first fic is Deadpool in Equestria, and that was created because I literally thought I was the only to write a crossover involving the Merc with the Mouth. ... Well, there are plenty, but it seems I'm the only one that keeps getting featured!

Ok, my bad for that. But, yeah, I wrote it for fun, and I did plan for it to be the only fic that I'd work on for a year, thinking it'd end after season 5, but, the end seems far off, and I want to write more stories for you all to read and enjoy! And, I still have more ideas, but I'm controlling myself and only focusing on the big 3: D.i.E., Flutter-Topia, and Flurry Hearts. ... I seem to be a Disney fan, looking at my top 3. (Yes, I know Deadpool isn't technically Disney, but he's part of Marvel, and Disney owns Marvel.)

As I said, I'll ask questions and answer them to the best of my abilities. Just know that they'll be posted in another blog. I'll give it a week before the next blog. Please, enjoy my content! Next Stop: 400 Followers!!!

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Congrats, guy. Keep up the good work.

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