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I want to write, but I have no words. · 10:51am Apr 4th, 2017

Writers block is squishing my head.

The only thing I can actually get to come out of my head is angsty terribleness that feels completely forced. I'm supposed to write comedy or something fancy and fun to read, yet here I am, completely unable to write a half-decent blog post.

Yelling in the distance muffled only by the howling winds of failure

I'll finish off the chapter i'm currently working on whenever the gods decide to return my writing ability to me. In the mean time, I thank all of you for following me, even if the content has been pretty non existent lately.

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Try listening some music:coolphoto:, sometimes it's helps (as i heard that somewhere) or go for a walk(for relaxation:ajsmug:)

For me it helps if I try not to think about it writing. Just a long hot shower, maybe a long walk in the woods with my dog, or just anything to turn my brain off, and then when I truly stop thinking about it is when inspiration usually comes.

So take it easy and it will happen :) don't try to force it too much.

PS: This is what just works for me, others like pushing through it or having a routine.

Since you're stuck on this story, write a one-shot or similar short story to get your creative juices flowing again. It's what I like to do. Plus, it's good training and source of experimentation.

I hear you. I personally can't write that well but when I feel like writing whatever ideas I had just dissapear. Hope writers block leaves you soon.

Writer's block happens because the problem you're trying to solve isn't suited to the approach your brain is taking. There are two ways to address it:

1. Change your mindstate (what others are suggesting approaches to)
2. Look at the problem from a different angle

The simplest way to do the latter is to bring someone else in to discuss things. Their different perspective should help you get you out of your mental rut.

If you can't do that, write down things as if you need to bring someone else up to speed. The brain loves to save effort by re-treading old thoughts rather than forming new ones. Writing down a summary of what you've written and what you plan to write in a form suitable for bringing someone else up to speed forces you to think fresh thoughts.

(That's why programmers talk about "water cooler monkeys"... stuffed animals they describe their problems to rather than shaking one of their co-workers out of "the zone". Often, that's enough for the solution to occur to them.)

Finally, if neither of those do it for you, feel free to PM the summary you wrote to me. I have a lot of experience helping my friends push past blocks by guiding them through looking at their stories from new angles and identifying vague areas they didn't notice were vague.

Please tell me the angsty direction your brain wants to take?

I'm seeing a lot of good ideas in these comments. You have plenty of support, man, so don't beat yourself up. That will only make you feel worse. Writers' Block happens. You'll get inspiration sooner or later. :twilightsmile:

In the meantime, why not write that stuff that you hate? Get it out of you. And, who knows? There might be some good ideas buried in there.

Okay, first of all, the title sounds like "I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream", I feel your pain friend, second, a good tip to get around what you're feeling is to pull out a doc, or a page of paper, and write out everything that would never take place in a million years during the chapter you're writing. Make it comedic, make it dramatic, make it put a smile on your face above all else. This should be able to do something for you. (At the very least it will get you a smile)

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