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  • 213w, 2d
    Adding, 'gore'

    Since I've decided to make this story all about adventure, the side tag, 'dark' would be useless without the mini-category 'gore'. To any readers who don't want this change, I'm sorry, but honestly, it's not like I have much of a choice. I don't even write that much regardless anyways, so don't expect some cupcakes themed battle to occur.

    Just needed to let you all know,

    Father bless thee,


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  • 213w, 6d
    ...No way..

    It's been 10 months since the canterlot wedding.

    I don't believe it. What in the living FU-

    So how's thy night, thy followers?

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  • 214w, 7h
    Lies are everywhere

    It amuses me when I see kids here who (on their bio) say they are at least over the age of eight-teen, but cannot spell nor use proper grammar for horse-feathers.

    I am six-teen years old, and is gladly one of the "minors" of the fandom. I don't understand why people lie about their age on a site for a show that was purposely designed for teens...


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  • 214w, 11h
    I can't believe it...

    I wanted to hate it but...Oh my god, they handled it so well. I almost cried.

    Oh by the way, I'm mostly talking about the soundtrack. It was beautiful.

    I was heavily disappointed by the writing. It was rushed, and literally made little sense, the whole thing. I do not like giving Twilight immortality.

    Oh well, maybe I'll make her canon with 'Father' one day. I already have some nice ideas.

    All in all...*sigh*, I love it.

    Still. Celestia>Twilight

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  • 214w, 12h
    Haha screw this feeling!

    I'm so tempted to watch season 3 finale, but I KNOW i don't want to!



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  • 214w, 4d
    I managed to scare my editor away with a single image

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  • 214w, 5d
    Staff do not like me. Figures

    <Original_Name> I wonder how many fics will go canon with incoming OP

    [14:36] <Stratege> oh god.

    [14:36] <@ScyStorm> None of them

    [14:36] <@ScyStorm> Because they're fanfics

    [14:37] <@ScyStorm> Absolutely zero of them are canon and zero of them will become canon

    [14:37] <Original_Name> Funny.

    [14:37] <@ScyStorm> They can simply fit into canon

    [14:37] <@ScyStorm> Also if you're only going to come in here to bitch and moan and break chat rules, leave now.

    Seems I'm not so good at making friends on IRC channels. Tragic.

    What i did? dunno. I guess talking is breaking rules.


    Back to #ponysquare

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  • 214w, 6d
    My heart to the staff of "Fighting is Magic"

    A true loss. Fucking Hasbro >:''(

    Sleep now sweet prince.

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  • 215w, 1d
    To anyone with Xbox: Live

    Add me! My tag is "Fearless Name"

    Just do it. Maybe we can play some matches?

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  • 215w, 1d
    Better than expected! Thank you!

    Honestly, I expected lesser results from, "Father", but seeing as how many people liked it(above ten is good enough for me), my desire to write grows. Thank you for those who follow me, and support me, as I take on a new challenge. Enter: Father!

    Special thanks to my editor, "Switches"; because honestly without him, I'm sure it wouldn't have been so successful as a launch. Regardless, I'm overjoyed with the results.

    Another thing: I am doing a daily shout-out to any story I like, thus sending them a small wave of people (like two or three since thats how many followers actually follow me D:) of support. I think it's just a nice way to help others get attention, though most would want it for themselves.

    My first shout-out goes to Croswynd, who writes a story called, "Unmarked." TAGS- ADVENTURE

    This story, written by this by damned be handsome man, is about a pale pegasus on a journey to find his special talent, or cutie mark as we call it. This is a pure adventure, and perhaps the best of which I've read--ever. That may seem like a lot, but seriously, this guy puts so much work into his story. I won't spoil it for you, (seeing as how it hasn't even ended yet though, it wouldn't matter) so go check it. It's highly underrated. When I first checked it out, it had around five or so likes. Regardless, you should check it out, and tell him I sent you; should you comment and like it.

    BACK TO MY STORY; to clear up any confusion. The story is SKYRIM inspired, thus it takes some of it's content, but NO DIRECT characters. I'm debating whether or not crossover should be taken down since there isn't any character's crossing over...Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    Loving you all,


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  • 215w, 2d
    Not to hurt anyones feelings...

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  • 215w, 2d

    So I sent the fiction in for publication. Not exactly sure how people that follow me could have seen it before it was published, but I'll forget about that. All of that is besides the fact that it is under moderation. I just hope it doesn't get featured. Not like it's good enough anyways.

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  • 215w, 4d
    Sneak Peak: "Father"

    My newest, and most serious project is almost ready to be published. Here is a small teaser so you can see what to expect :)

    “So then Kaal, what do the words say?” Void asked, smiling as his newest champion studied the hieroglyphics carved into the stone.

    Soul moved his finger over the symbols over and over, barely spelling it out in his head, let alone his voice. After several tries he managed to get the first word.

    “Vul...” Soul spoke slowly, his words flowing out like he was screaming. Shocked, but astonished at the sheer power of the word, he tried it again, but this time with another word.....

    ...“Vul...Feyn...” He said, a little louder this time. The air around him grew heavy, as a dark mist snaked around his arm before vanishing.

    "...Speak the final word my champion...”The dragon muttered.

    Soul took a deep breath, shouting all the words at once.

    “Vul...Feyn Paal!” He shouted, almost as loud as the cataclysmic ancient before him. The air around his arm blew intensely, as the mist returned. The mist slithered to his palm, forming into the shape of a devastatingly twisted sword.

    “Tol los un zahkrii, Sil...”The dragon spoke. “Made from the darkest of souls, to the sharpest of tongues. Use it however you wish, but do so in my name!” Void finished, growling.....

    ...."If there's one thing that troubles me, Lyra, it has to be that thing. What is he?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know, the same name all the dragons keep mumbling about..." Soul looked off into the night sky, clenching his fists. "...Who is Father?"



    ...."It's falling, Lyra."

    "What are we going to do?!"

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  • 215w, 5d
    Anyone know this story?

    I cannot seem to get it out of my head, nor find it.

    It's a changeling related story about two ponies eating ice cream; a couple. The changeling invasion begins and the father is forced to run away, his wife in tow. When they expel the changelings, he is flung from the city along with his wife. She is confused, but he reveals to her that he is in fact a changeling. She questions where her real husband is, and he tells her he died off in the wilderness before meeting with the changeling. He offered to take care of his wife in exchange for her love. The dying pony accepted, and thus begins that.

    Later off they try to pull off not being noticed, even go to some village to meet their son. Anyone know of this story? I think it was featured, once.


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  • 221w, 4d
    Happy Holidays!

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  • 223w, 2d
    Can anyone proofread something for me? Basically, I need an editor.

    Just message me about it below. Writing a second-person type fiction. I just need to look professional. Thanks.

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  • 224w, 18h
    Someone read my story. Give them friendship

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  • 234w, 4h
    I'm having fun with MoP!

    This is what i've been doing instead of writing xD

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  • 237w, 2d

    >comes home

    >logs on fimfiction

    >see's 40 notifications

    >mfw 0.0

    >all of them on my AC group.

    Not only that, half of them are all called "The Creed"...What is up with the recent uproar in AC related fictions?

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  • 241w, 5d
    In case you haven't seen it yet....

    Watch this Pro skills..

    Oh yeah, and I'm back from vacation.

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This is what I did last night.

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