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Transcending Time Sneak Peek · 1:23am Apr 4th, 2017

Joker here. Well, I've prepared a little sneak peek for my new Gravity Falls project, entitled Transcending Time. It's that one scene I mentioned in my last post. Here you go:

Tyrone clapped as he walked up to Mabel with a smirk on his face while Mabel stood there, a look of blank shock on her face.

“You truly are smarter than people give you credit for, Mabes. I’ve always said so,” said Tyrone.

“Who are you? Really?” demanded Mabel.

Tyrone heaved a sigh. “You and I have never been truly properly introduced,” he said, before pulling the bangs on the front of his forehead, revealing a horribly familiar birthmark in the exact shape of the Big Dipper.

“I am Mason Pines. But, my closest friends and family call me Dipper. At least, they used to. These days, I’m known as Alcor the Dreambender.”

Mabel’s mind was reeling from this revelation. “Y-you’re Dipper?” she managed to get out.

“Mabel, I haven’t been Dipper Pines for a very long time. Hell, I haven’t been human for a very long time. You saw that memory, you know what happened,” said Alcor.

“Why have you been lying to us all this time? You’ve lied to everyone, you faked being Stanford Pines’ son! The Dipper I know would never do such a thing!” said Mabel.

“True, I’d never do anything like that back when I was Dipper Pines. However after what was dubbed ‘The Transcendence’ I became a Dream Demon much like Bill Cipher and his little brother William, sweet little thing, the exact opposite of what Bill was. Ever since then, I’ve been to the art of deception as Mozart to the Harpsichord.”

“But, if you really are so powerful, why have you stayed here to take care of us? You must have a family of some kind back in your world,” said Mabel.

“Because a darkness approaches. A day is coming very soon where everything you care about will change. I’ve seen this darkness take on many, many forms. Weirdmaggeddon, the true name of the Transcendence, The Equivalence is one of the names I call it because of a wonderful little trip to another universe where it's you that becomes a demon named Mizar instead of me becoming Alcor. Basically our roles swapped with me being the only human soul you have complete command of and you the mentally semistable God-tier being. But I digress because I've started to ramble. Point is, with Stanley Pines sleeping with the fishes, someone needed to take care of you and Dipper. Although, I certainly didn’t anticipate that it’d be forever. I figured maybe for the summer. But, all’s well that ends well. Unfortunately, my sister though you are, I can’t let you go blabbing my secrets.”

Alcor wiped a tear from his eye before he continued, gazing directly into Mabel’s beautiful brown, tear-soaked eyes. “Do you know how hard, it has been to keep all of this from you and Dipper? Especially from you, Mabel. Because, truth is, I’ve grown quite fond of both of you. And in so many ways, you’ve shown me what it’s like to have a child.”

Before Mabel could do or say anything, Alcor snapped his fingers. Almost instantly, Mabel began to feel dizzy, before she finally fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Forgive me, Mizar. And to answer your question, my family’s been dead for centuries.”

And with that, Alcor turned on his heel and left the unconscious form of the girl who had once been his sister behind him.

That is all. Stay perky.

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