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...Okay, but seriously · 7:57pm Apr 3rd, 2017

To perhaps nobody's surprise, chapter sixteen of Pony Gear Solid was actually an April Fools Day prank. The real chapter sixteen is still in the offing, but I hope the bit that Editor Man and I cooked up for you at least offered some entertainment. It seems to have gone over better than the chapter I did for his story.

At the behest of multiple readers, I've spun that chapter off into its own story, Equestria Gear Solid: The Definitive Experience. Aside from some minor revisions and more thorough proofreading (it has been pointed out to me that my edits before the chapter was posted were sloppy, which I blame on a combination of exhaustion and not caring enough), it's the same thing that you read on April Fools. If you didn't read Jamais Vu, or if you did and you want to experience the madness all over again, then go give that a looksee.

As for where we go from here... March was a long, somewhat strenuous month for me, but I accomplished most (not all) of the goals I set for myself at the start. PGS's sixteenth chapter isn't the next thing on my agenda; I still have one thing ahead of it, but after that, expect some quality horsepionage to sneak its way into your queue.

Oh, and... shit, I still owe you guys a proper Document chapter for 15, don't I? I have it partially typed up already. I'll get that done and post it, uh, eventually. Probably maybe.

...May as well do one for Equestria Gear Solid, too, while I'm at it.

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You owe us a proper document for EGS, you cunt. I demand that you explain to your reading public exactly why Twilight is such a huge tramp in the story.

4482480 Obviously because of her experiment with the slutty high school wolbachia, as explained in the story.


Where is my document, Posh?

4482503 If Kojima had anything to do with it, then the answer is either nanomachines or parasites. They explain everything.


You're not far off.

Don't work too hard, man :eeyup:

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