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A Day Late for April Fool's Day: "Miss Turing Science Theater" Ep #2! · 2:29am Apr 3rd, 2017

It's back! The epic adequate spoof series is here and just almost in time for April Fool's Day! This time, Turing Test and the CMCs will be looking at the first chapter of the story "Musicnotes story" (sic) by Musicnotes. Yep, time for an author self-insert! If you enjoyed the last one, you can view it over at Google Docs at the link below, and if you never read the first one, well, here it is again!

Without futher ado, here it is:

Oh, and the new chapter of The Iron Horse should be up this Tuesday. See you then!

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It's really nice to read a funny review that isn't built around being cruel. Thank you.

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